NTBA Jam Fest Tournament Standouts: Class of 2021

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/14/17 5:42 PM

The talent in the building for the Class of 2021 at The NTBA Summer Jam tournament was very impressive, don’t be surprised if you see and hear about these guys doing damage at their respective high schools over the next four years.  Here are some of the players that stood out:

Fayetteville Bulldogs Jaden Bradley: Nice height for a PG, has a long wingspan that he uses on both ends of the floor, is a gifted passer and communicates well. Continues to improve on his decision making, one he gets that fully locked down he can become a special prospect.

SEBL Emmanuel Sepulveda: He played up during the event with 15 and 16U but the truth is he just finished 8th grade, which is hard to believe when you see him play. He has a very smooth game and is a tremendous pass, he can knock down shots from deep and penetrates well, definitely one to keep an eye on.

Fayetteville Stars Demario Norris: This young man has a chance to truly be special, he has tremendous acceleration so he blows by just about anybody who tries to defend him. He can knock down shots from the perimeter but doesn’t try and force jumpers, instead he attacks the paint forcing the defense to give him space for his shot.

Nothing Easy Wing Clayton Truman: Already has nice size for a wing/forward player, has a soft touch around the basket and knocked down the midrange shot well. Although he has somewhat of a wide frame, he has good lateral quickness.

Nothing Easy Forward/Center Xavier McClain: This youngster is still raw but you have to like the potential he has, he is very coachable first and foremost. He has nice height, and understands how to rebound and block shots without fouling.

Fayetteville Stars Derrick Canady: Showed some outstanding shooting for the wing position, is a very unselfish player and looked to do whatever the team needed. Uses minimal dribbling but gets to his spots without much trouble at all.