Meet The Players: Isaiah Jones & Justus Baldwin

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/13/17 6:41 PM

At the Saint Andrews University workout, we got to meet a good amount of players who have different stories of their high school success and recruitment. There was two players that really caught our attention now only because of their talent but also due to the fact that they come from the same AAU program, The NC Cavs. Isaiah Jones and Justus Baldwin showed without a doubt that they have the tools and skills to play at the next level, Jones is a 6’4 unsigned senior Forward that plays with a high amount of energy and has a gift for rebounding the ball. Throughout the day he caught the attention of the coaches with his motor, how hard he played and his will to battle inside. While Baldwin is a junior guard that has a smooth game that is mixed with nice athletic ability. He had one of the top plays of the day with a chase down block on a player that was going u for a dunk on a fast break. We got a chance to speak with both of these young men after the conclusion of the workout to get their thoughts.

Q: How was the experience today at the SAU workout?

 Jones: The Court was long but I believe I can compete at the next level.

Baldwin: It was ok, I feel like I could’ve did a little better, but I did pretty good.

Q: What do you feel like you bring to a team on the next level?

Jones: Just an all-around player, intensity, being a good teammate.

Baldwin: I feel like I’m a natural born leader and I’m a team player, I play hard.

Q: In pre-game routines?                                    

 Jones: One song in particular that I listen to is ‘‘Run this Town’’ by Jay-Z and Rihanna.

Q: How did the high school season go for you this past year?

Baldwin: As a team it went well but personally I feel like I declined, the year before I got Player of the Year in the conference, so it just motivates me to get in the gym and do better.

Q: Favorite Shoe to play in? And a favorite NBA Team?

Isaiah Jones: Kobe’s, I’m a Lakers fan all day.

Baldwin: I don’t have a favorite shoe but I like playing in any type of Adidas. The San Antonio Spurs, I use to be a Lakers fan but now it’s all about the Spurs.