A look at Oregon’s best wings


Posted On: 06/28/17 11:09 AM

This week at Prep Hoops, we’re taking a look at the top wings in the state. Check out our analysis on Marcus Tsohonis, Immanuel Allen, Jalen Thompson and JR Schilling.

What puts Marcus Tsohonis above is his IQ and touch around the rim. He leads his team and puts his teammates in there positions where they are best at. Tsohonis’s athleticism is starting to kick in. The 6’4 guard can knock down shots from deep. “I see myself going for a 3 peat with Jefferson high.”

Immanuel Allen is one of the best wings in the state because of his ability to change the game on both ends in any statistical category. He gives you blocks, steals, points, rebounds and assists and as a constant leader of his team he really should be regarded as one of the best in the state at the wing position.

3 year varsity player at West Linn, Jalen Thompson is one of the top three point shooters in the state of Oregon. Jalen is a smooth lefty who can can get his shot off with little room from the defender. Being 6’3, he is athletic and runs the floor extremely well. Jalen was one the top defenders in the state as a junior with his quick instincts and great defensive skills. Jalen turned a lot of college coaches heads this spring with Elite24. Jalen is showing he can be a go to player and put up big numbers with his deadly shooting.

JR Schilling is very versatile and has an arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons. He can shoot at a high percentage and catch his opponent off guards. Also he can put the ball on the floor and take his defender to the rim, and even throw down and emphatic dunk. He can run an offensive system perfectly, he makes his teammates better and has a great attitude to help his team win. On defense he uses his length to his advantage, forcing easy turnovers and put points on the board. He communicates at a high level and really is the anchor to upcoming Lake Oswego team