Iyaye finds a home with UTSA


Posted On: 06/27/17 12:12 AM

The recruitment process can be extremely long and drawn out for some, but there are some who elect to make a decision early. Adokiye Iyaye picked the best fit for him on Monday night choosing to take his talents to San Antonio to UTSA. It was a huge get for the RoadRunners of UTSA.

It will be the second straight Oklahoma player to sign with the new staff led by head coach Steve Henson. The main recruiter for Iyaye was Scott Thompson. Throughout the recruiting process Thompson did a great job of staying on Iyaye and showing him why UTSA was the best fit for him. The coaching staff sold Iyaye.

“How much they wanted me and how much love they showed during the recruiting process,” said Iyaye. “They were very involved and made me feel comfortable and the campus and environment there was off the chain.”

Iyaye recently went on a visit to UTSA. The school, atmosphere and coaching staff blew him away. Iyaye says he will leave the door cracked on his recruitment until signing day, but remains very committed to UTSA.

“If a school contacts me I will answer,” said Iyaye. “But I’m very committed to UTSA and want that to be known.”

The coaching staff at UTSA coming from Oklahoma had a huge impact on Iyaye’s decision. Henson and Thompson helped in Oklahoma’s run to the Final Four two seasons ago before they were hired at UTSA. The history of what the coaching staff has done helped make the decision that much easier for Iyaye.

“The connection we had was great with the coaches coming from Oklahoma,” said Iyaye. “I was able to understand that they were coaches that helped build a program up in OU and I’m very confident we can do that now at UTSA .”

Iyaye is a two guard that can defend positions 1-3. What makes him so valuable is his ability to play both ends of the floor at a high level. On the offensive end, Iyaye will make an immediate impact with his shooting skills. He has a great opportunity to get minutes early and often at UTSA.

This season Iyaye will be fun to watch at Putnam City North as he attempts to lead them to a state championship. He has a bright future ahead of him at Putnam City North and UTSA. Iyaye is a great fit and get for UTSA.

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