Furman Team Camp

High School
South Carolina

Posted On: 06/26/17 1:20 PM

Prep Hoops took in the action from Furman Team Camp in Greenville on Saturday.


Cal Wooden Oakbrook Prep (Spartanburg) 2018

Wooden 6’3 forward plays around the rim for the Knights. Wooden likes to set screens and picks while on the floor. Wooden scored eight points and had six rebounds in the game against Christ Church. Wooden plays for the Spartanburg Thunder during AAU.


Jakorian Martin Oakbrook Prep (Spartanburg) 2018

Martin a 5’9 combo guard, which take the ball up the floor for the Knights. Martin can drive aggressive to hole and will take contact for his shot. Martin also can hit the three off the dribble. Martin will look to defend you up the floor.

Stone Prince Pickens HS 2018

Prince 6’2 guard, that plays football and basketball for the Blue Flame. Prince is very aggressive on the boards for the Flames. Prince made three three’s and had several rebounds for the Blue Flames.


Tuzion Brock Southside (Greenville) 2018

Brock 5’10 guard, which helped lead the Tigers to Class 3A state championship last year. Brock plays football and basketball for the Tigers. Brock will be depending on take a leadership over from departure of Jalen McKelvey. Brock leads the ball up the floor for the Tigers. Brock is very aggressive to hole and will also shoot the mid-range shot for the Tigers. Brock averaged 9.6 ppg last season for Tigers. Brock plays for Team South Carolina during AAU season

John Butler Christ Church (Greenville) 2021

Butler stands at 6’10 and has a bright future. Butler made three threes, had over 10 rebounds, and several blocks in the game against Oakbrook Prep. Butler has 7’2 wingspan and is a great passer in the post. Butler attended Hillcrest Middle School before landing at Christ Church. Butler’s Father is the coach of the Cavalier and was at JL Mann for a few months. Butler plays for Team United North Carolina in AAU.