East NC Fab 40 Camp Standouts

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/12/17 7:16 PM

Jeremiah Pope: Another top scorer at the event, Pope showed his ability to score the ball at a high rate against some of the best competition in the state. At 6’3 he can play the SG spot but also slide over and play the PG which makes him very valuable. (Signed with Fayetteville State)

D.J Suggs: D.J is a crafty player that knows how to get the job done, he’s not the tallest, quickest or most athletic but uses angles very well to convert plays. He’s the type of player that you may not notice how well he performs but once you look at the stat book you can clearly see what type of impact he has. (Signed With Louisburg)

Tyree Wiggins: Another player who has yet to reach his full potential, at 6’4 with a nice wingspan and athletic ability he is one that college coaches in the area missed out on. Although he is headed out to California to play JC ball don’t be surprised to see a school in the state try and snatch him up.

Justin Wright: The Freshman from Farmville was one of the top players in the building, he showed his outstanding ball handling and ability finish thru traffic. Plain and simple Wright is a D1 caliber player, and will be taking the torch at Farmville Central over the next few years.

Xavier Boyd: Xavier was a player that got overlooked just about all season even though he played on one of the top teams in the state, Fab 40 gave him his opportunity to showcase all his attributes and he did not disappoint, eventually signing with Bluefield College in VA. He’s 6’5 that can shoot the ball, defend multiple spots and get out in transition to get the fast break started.

Jordan McNeill: Jordan was another freshman who made his case for being a college prospect, he didn’t have his greatest day scoring the ball as he normally does but he did the small things to stay active and engaged. He can shoot the ball from deep, make plays for himself and other and is one of the best rebounding guards that I saw all season.