2018 Top Shooters in Oklahoma


Posted On: 06/3/17 10:46 AM

Shooters have become one of the most important traits to have at all levels.  Players who can hit shots are at a premium at the college level so if you can hit shots consistently then you have a shot.  Here is a list of some the top shooters from the 2018 class.

Keyshawn Embery 2018 Midwest City

Embery may be considered more of a shot-maker then a shooter but the types of shots he takes and the level of difficulty put him in the class of the best shooters coming out this year.

His offensive game is versatile but when he is hitting shots he is unstoppable and more and more high level D1’s are taking notice. At 6’4, Embery can get his shot up at any point and he is the best shooter off the dribble in the state.

Carson Meier 2018 Shawnee

Meier had a great finish to his junior season at Shawnee and he carried that momentum into the summer with 3D Athletes.  They have surprised folks on the summer circuit, but Meier’s performances are no surprise to anyone.

Meier has good size and does a great job of running off screens and getting open.  The ball seems to always find him for transition threes.  He has also improved his ability to shoot off the dribble. Division 2’s have been all over Meier heading into his senior season because of potential and shooting ability.

Colt Savage 2018 Sand Springs

Savage can score at all three levels but his ability to knock downs shots is the most intriguing.  The 6’3 guard has a good handle so he can play point guard or on the wing. At point guard, Savage has shown the ability to use ball screens and shot a pull up as the second defender is retreating.  On the wing, he can shoot off the hop for spot up threes.

He also has great basketball IQ so he knows how to get open as a defender is draped all over him. Savage is currently playing with Gym Time Hoops and he is getting more attention for his ability to shoot and his all-around offensive game.

Mason Webb 2018 New Hampton Prep

Webb reclassified to the 2018 class but he continues to be at the top of the list of shooters amongst his peers. Webb like Savage can score from three and midrange.  He has a strong body which allows him to take contact around the rim.  With reclassifying, Webb will try to put himself in a position to get schools attention that he is looking for.  No matter what, he has shooting ability and offensive game to make a coach offer a scholarship.

Cole Jones 2018 Pond Creek-Hunter

Jones is a sniper who can get hot from three. He has lit it up for the Oklahoma Impact this summer. Jones is 5’11 and is on attack mode at all times. He is still an underrated prospect since he goes to a smaller school but NAIA/LM D2 coaches should take a look at the smaller guard and check out his ability to put up buckets specifically from three.

Carson Calavan 2018 Fort Gibson

Calavan has been producing for Fort Gibson for awhile now but his shooting ability has put him on a stage for the entire state to see.  He is apart of a talented Tulsa Hawks squad and Calavan is the leader.  He has grown his game over time but the foundation of his game has and always will be his ability to hit shots consistently.

The Tulsa Hawks are a team to look out for with some players to watch including Calavan is one of the best shooters in the state.

Tyler Street 2018 Destiny Christian

Street has been one of the more surprising prospects so far this summer.  He plays for 3D Athletes and has showed up big in some high level games versus great competition. With a pure stroke, Street has put himself in a great positon for his senior year to gain more D2 attention.

3D Athletes have a ton of players who could get a shot at the next level but Street will stand out because of his ability to rain down threes.