Bash in the Desert: Top Slashers/Finishers


Posted On: 05/11/17 10:38 AM

There were a number of players this weekend who could get to the rim at all. Some were able to slash and finish while others were better at slashing and kicking to teammates. Below is the list of the top slashers from this past weekend.

Top Slashers and Finishers

Cody Carmichael 5’9 PG 2017 Ironwood (AZU)

Carmichael gets in the paint whenever he wants. He is lightening quick with an extremely high basketball IQ. What he is usually known for is his ability to get by the 1st defender and dish to the open man as he averaged almost 6 assists per game this season. However, this weekend, he finished really well around the rim and found his teammates. He was a huge contribution to AZU’s success.

Gabe McGlothan 6’6 PF 2017 Basha (AZ Grind – Army)

The Army commit shot the basketball surprisingly well from the 3 point line. In addition, he demonstrated what makes him an NCAA Division-I basketball player: his athleticism and ability to finish around the rim. McGlothan has solid hands and good footwork as well as a really soft touch around the rim. When he puts the basketball on the floor and raises up, his finish is anything but soft as he is looking to tear the rim down.

Morgan Brown 6’4 SF 2018 Eaglecrest (Rocky Mountain Vipers)

Brown is a bouncy prospect with a solid handle, good quickness, and good strength. Brown got to the rim as well as anyone at the tournament. His ability to put the basketball on the floor and get by his first defender makes him a tough matchup. Furthermore, he is capable of finishing around the rim as well as anybody.

Shekeedren Bryant 6’4 SF 2019 NFL Yet (Tru Heat)

Bryant gets to the rim at will. He is a great athlete who possesses good strength. When he decides that it is time to get downhill, he gets going at a level that no one can stay in front. Furthermore, he has a knack for bringing down the rim, literally, and for making very tough finishes look quite easy.

Josh Ursery¬†5’10 PG 2019 Valley Vista (Factory)

Ursery has shown up on a couple of lists already since the conclusion of the tournament. I was really impressed with his change of pace and speed as well as his array of moves. He is a solid guard that gets into the paint whenever he wants to and can finish at a high level.