17U All-Tournament

Posted On: 05/10/17 2:01 PM

Glue guys are necessary to a team’s success. Their versatility and ability to buy into the concept of the team make them invaluable. The following players impacted the game in a multitude of ways while helping their teams experience success this past weekend. Here are the top glue guys from the 2017 Bash in the Desert.

Glue Guys

Paul Hayden 6’4 SG/SF 2020 Sunnyslope (Classics)

Hayden’s basketball maturity really impresses me every time I watch him play. A couple of the toughest things to get young players to understand as they transition from one level to the next is the speed of the game and the importance of playing hard every possession. Despite his young age, Hayden plays hard all of the time and looks relatively bothered by the speed of the high school game. If Hayden continues on this projection curve, he will be a next level player.

Donavan Yap 6’3 SG 2020 Arbor View (Las Vegas Prospects)

Yap is a good athlete who does a little bit of everything for the Prospects. He has good length and basketball IQ which enables him to make game changing plays. On the offensive end, he is a capable scorer with or without the basketball in his hands. On the defensive end of the floor, he is solid in help side and rebounds the basketball well. His willingness to fill up the stat sheet makes him quite important to his team’s success.

Saikou Gueye 6’5 SF 2017 Mountain Ridge (Factory)

Like the other players on this list, Gueye can do a little bit of everything. His long and strong frame allow him to play multiple positions on the floor and create mismatches. In addition, he sets good on ball screens and moves well without the basketball. Also, he is underrated on the glass and the defensive end of the floor.

Evan Nelson 6’2 PG/SG 2020 Mountain View (Tucson) (PowerHouse)

Nelson is a really talented prospect who can do a little bit of everything. Obviously, his ability to take defenders off of the dribble and shoot the basketball make him standout. However, when he plays with the PowerHouse, there is a lot of talent on the floor, and he gets the chance to demonstrate what he can do without the basketball always touching his hands. He can guard multiple positions and play multiple positions on the offensive end while making a big impact.

Joe Heath 6’2 SG 2018 Mohave (Voltage)

It is hard to give Heath a position on the floor as he does not really fall into a true position. He is a competitor who will do whatever it takes to win. If he needs to guard a big on the block, he will compete and find a way to be successful. On the offensive end of the floor, he is skilled enough to take smaller and less aggressive defenders on the block while also being skilled enough to exploit his defender on the perimeter. Heath is a solid prospect that many should keep an eye on.