Bash in the Desert: 17U All-Tournament Team


Posted On: 05/12/17 10:14 AM

The 17U Division was loaded with a number of players who will be playing this game after high school. Some of the top talent in the state demonstrated why they are the top talent. Further, a couple of players showed that they should be getting more attention. Here is the Bash in the Desert 17U All-Tournament Team.


D’Maurian Williams 6’4 PG 2019 Westview (Factory)

Williams has always had the potential and has shown glimpses of the top tier player that he could be. It is safe to say that he is well on his way. Not only is he quite skilled at the position, he has good length and strength as a point guard at any level. His ability to shoot the basketball from deep is continuing to improve along with his on ball defense. Williams looks poised to be an elite level point guard who will be playing this game after high school concludes.

1st Team All-Tournament

17U All-TournamentSaikou Gueye 6’5 SF 2017 Mountain Ridge (Factory)

Gueye played well all weekend. He is a stat stuffer as he does a little bit of everything well. Gueye is a capable shooter who gets on the glass well. He plays solid on ball defense and does a good job in help side. Gueye is selfless and does whatever it takes to win.

Shekeedren Bryant 6’4 SG/SF 2019 NFL Yet (Tru Heat)

Bryant’s athleticism is through the roof. His versatility allows him to play multiple positions on the floor which caused havoc for all of his opponents this past weekend.

Tyraill Carrethers 5’8 PG 2020 NFL Yet (Tru Heat)

Carrethers has great speed and does a good job of taking the opposing player off of the dribble. His speed and strength mixed with his ability to finish at the rim make him a solid point guard.

Gabe McGlothan 6’6 PF 2017 Basha (AZ Grind – Army)

McGlothan looked poised to have a great year at Army as his shooting touch was greatly improved. He had multiple games with 5 three pointers. Furthermore, he still has elite level athleticism that will help him be successful

Jared Rodriguez 6’7 PF 2017 Mountain Ridge (AZ Grind – Idaho)

Rodriguez is one of the top shooters in the entire state, which was evident this weekend. In addition, he showed that he is capable of taking the opposing player off of the dribble and finishing around the rim.

2nd Team All-Tournament

Xavier Dussell 6’3 PG 2020 Mesquite (Team Harden)

Keontae White 6’2 PG 2018 (Team Harden)

Daniel Foster 6’2 PG/SG 2018 Agua Fria (AZ Venom)

Nieyeme Smyer-Williams 5’11 PG 2018 Pueblo West (South Central Elite)

Morgan Brown 6’4 SF 2018 Eaglecrest (Rocky Mountain Vipers)