Bash in the Desert: 16U All-Tournament Team


Posted On: 05/12/17 1:18 PM

With PowerHouse coming into the tournament as the favorite, the biggest surprise was who they played in the championship. There was a lot of talented teams and prospects in the tournament. However, the Classics made a name for themselves as a number of their players demonstrated that they can play at this level. Based on the performances at the tournament, below is the list of the 16U Bash in the Desert All-Tournament Teams.


Evan Nelson 6’2 PG/SG 2020 Mountain View Tucson (PowerHouse Black)

This was a tough choice as a couple of players from his team could have easily been named the MVP. However, Nelson showed that all of the hype surrounding him has merit. He is length and has a good handle. Moreover, he has a great skill set that allows him to make an impact in many despite his youth. Nelson’s trajectory is through the roof if he continues to perform at the level that he has been playing.

1st Team All-Tournament

All-Tournament Jackson Ruai Jackson Ruai 6’3 PG/SG 2019 Amphitheater (PowerHouse Black)

Ruai was one of my favorite players to watch at the tournament as his length makes him a nightmare for opposing offenses. He is a good on ball defender who harasses the offensive player. Moreover, he is great in help side as he positions himself well and uses his length to close gaps and contest shots. Offensively, he lets the game come to him and creates for others well.

Grant Ward 6’5 SG/SF 2019 Buena (PowerHouse Black)

Ward was another part of the trio of PowerHouse players who had a really solid weekend in 16U. His versatility enables him to play at a lot of different spots on the floor and help the PowerHouse group.

Shaun Wahlstrom 6’7 PF/C 2019 Verrado (Classics)

Wahlstrom has probably seen his stock rise further than any other player in the entire state since the start of the summer. He has demonstrated that he is more than just a big body. He has a good IQ, shot, and mentality. Wahlstrom’s ceiling is through the roof.

Jalen Graham 6’8 PF/C 2019 Mountain Pointe (Alpha Males)

Grahman, who normally plays with the AZ Power, participated with the Alpha Males this weekend. He showed a much improved skill set and his growth spurt has enabled him to make an even bigger impact in games. He will be a force to be reckoned with.

Anthony Hunter 5’11 PG 2020 Durango (Las Vegas Knicks)

Hunter has a tremendously high basketball IQ. His ability to create for his teammates was next level. In addition, he plays tough on ball defense and does a great job of dictating the tempo of the game on offense. Keep an eye out for this young man as he can flat out play.

2nd Team All-Tournament

Dante Davis 5’10 PG 2020 (Las Vegas Knicks)

Chase Morley 5’11 PG 2019 Sandra Day (Classics)

Josh Ursery 5’11 PG 2019 Valley Vista (Factory)

Paul Hayden 6’4 SF 2020 Sunnyslope (Classics)

Bryce Fitzgerald 6’6 PF/C 2020 Spring Valley (Las Vegas Knicks)