16U All-Tournament

Posted On: 04/9/17 1:11 PM

While the tournament has been largely dominated by guard play, a number of teams have solid posts who have made an impact all weekend. In addition to providing length, there has been a display of strong skillsets as well. Below are some of the notable posts of the Spring Kick Off (2017).

Notable Posts

Gaige Prim 6’8 C 2017 Grandview (Colorado United USS 17U)

Prim really impressed me in the first couple of days as he has a number of post moves. He has a solid drop step and to it that he has great size and strength. He is able to displace the defender and finish around the rim with ease. His success has been crucial to the success of the Colorado United USS team.

Siler Tschirhart 6’8 C 2019 Blue Valley (KC Spurs 16U)

Tschirhart has a really high basketball, good length, and good size. In addition, he has a soft jump shot at the 15 foot mark and good touch around the rim. Moreover, he attacks the glass well and plays with a good motor. He is a young prospect with a lot of upside.

Assane Diouf 7’1 C 2o19 Denver East (Colorado Hawks 16U)

Spring Kick Off PostsDiouf has not reached his pinnacle yet. He is still a little raw but possesses things that cannot be taught. His length and ability to move are game changers. Furthermore, he attacks the offensive and defensive glass well. He is a talented prospect with a lot of upside.

Antwon Jackson 6’6 PF/C 2019 Clark High School (Las Vegas Prospects 16U)

Jackson is a big bodied post who carves out space as well as any player in this tournament. Furthermore, he does a great job of moving without the basketball when guards drive as a means of creating kick out lanes. On the defensive end, he rotates well and his size mixed with his length assist him greatly in altering shots.

Dawson Garcia 6’7 SF/PF 2020 Prior Lake (D1 Minnesota)

Garcia is the only SF/PF combo on the list; however, he is well deserving. He has a lot of upside and does a nice job on the block as well as on the perimeter. He does a terrific job of being patient on the block and letting the hands clear. Further, he uses ball fakes well and post-counter posts. Garcia is notable post worth watching in the future.