16U All-Tournament

Posted On: 04/9/17 2:24 AM

There has been some strong guard play in the Spring Kick Off as there are a number of top tier teams in the event. On Saturday night, a number of the combo guards demonstrated that their names are more than just hype as they performed at an exceptional level. Below are the Spring Kick Off (2017): Saturday Evening Session Top 16U Combo Guards.

16U Combo Guards

#5 Levi Dombro 6’0 PG 2019 Grandview (Colorado Chaos)

Dombro was solid all day. He has a smooth jump shot and does a great job of creating for himself at the rim. In addition, he has a soft touch and finishes extremely well. As far as his handle is concerned, he does not appear to ever be flustered by pressure. In fact, I was really impressed with his competitive energy. Dombro had a big day today and will need to continue that performance in order for the Chaos to continue moving forward.

#4 Levi Braun 6’3 SG 2019 Topeka Hayden (SSA Elite Black)

Braun is long and athletic. He can create shots for himself in an array of ways. For instance, he is skilled at coming off of screens and in catch and shoot situations. Furthermore, he does a nice job of creating space for himself off of the dribble. His ability to knock down shots with a hand in his face is also a nice commodity. Braun had a nice day for SSA Elite Black, and it will be fun to watch and see how he progresses tomorrow.

#3 Kenny Foster 6’5 SG 2019 Smoky Hill (Colorado Hawks)

Foster was solid in both of his games today; however, his best game was by far against the Colorado Premier as he flat out could not miss. He demonstrated an ability to shoot off of the dribble, off of a screen, in catch and shoot situations – bottom line, he showed that he can shoot. Foster is fundamentally sound and does all of the little things to ensure that he and his team are successful. He is a lot of fun to watch.

#2 Kwane Marble 6’2 PG/SG 2019 Denver East (Colorado Hawks)

If House was the most impressive combo guard of the day, Marble was a very close second. He should great versatility and athleticism all night. In addition to having a couple of high flying dunks, he showed that he can shoot it from far beyond the line consistently. Even more impressively, when he decides to get to a spot, he gets there. He played with a relentless mentality today and was a game changer for the Hawks in both of their contests.

#1 Jaelen House 6’0 PG 2019 Shadow Mountain (Las Vegas Prospects)

House was really impressive today because he demonstrated that he can do anything that is needed. He hit big shot after big shot late in the game against the Hawks. When he gets into the paint, he gets to the foul line or finishes when the help is late. If the help comes, he does a great job of dishing to the open teammate. Moreover, on the defensive end of the floor, he flat out locks up. House was the most impressive combo guard of the night session, and quite possibly, the entire day.