Spring Kick Off: 17U Standouts (Bigs)


Posted On: 04/12/17 12:00 PM

DENVER, Colo. — Prep Hoops takes a look at some of the top 17U big men who impressed this past weekend in Denver at the Spring Kick Off (2017).

1 — Flip Rebracks, 6’7, 2017, Ralston Valley, Colorado Titans

Has terrific size and athleticism and a strong, physical build. Has a really raw skill set, but is a good shot blocker who does a good job challenging shots. Is a powerful finisher and threw down some thunderous dunks on the break over the weekend.

22 — Tray Pierce, 6’8, 2018, George Washington, Billups Elite

Has a lot of length at 6’10. Is a shot blocking big man whose offensive skills are somewhat raw. Struggled to finish at times around the basket, but then would come back with a dunk while being fouled. Has a lot of potential and upside due his size and athletic ability.

35 — Momar Fall, 6’8, 2018, Colorado United

He is a strong, powerfully built post player who has an old-school big man game. Is as strong as they come but game is still kind of raw.