Prep Hoops Route 66 Kick Off 17U Players to Watch: Part 3


Posted On: 03/28/17 9:32 PM

The Prep Hoops Route 66 Kick Off is back in Oklahoma this year for the second consecutive year. The field is loaded with talent from across the country. Teams are attending the tournament from Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Michigan. We begin previewing the 17U division with some of the top talent at the tournament.

Mo Wilson 2018 6’5 Oklahoma Power Elite Combo Guard 

Wilson has the size coaches will fall in love with at the combo guard spot. He has the handles of a Point Guard, but the size of a 2 or 3 on the Wing. The development of Wilson will be one of the most intriguing things to watch this summer. He could really improve his stock with a strong summer.

Jalen Crutchfield 2018 6’4 Oklahoma Power Elite Wing 

Crutchfield is one of the best shooters in the tournament field from behind the arc. He has a really quick catch and release. He will turn heads this weekend with his shooting touch.

Mason Webb 2018 6’4 Oklahoma Power Elite Wing 

Webb is reclassifying after a strong year at Bishop McGuinness. He is a dynamic two guard with a big time jumper from behind the arc and mid-range. Webb has a chance to improve his stock big time over this summer on the Adidas Silver Gauntlet Circuit.

Cecil Lee 2018 6’5 KC Pacers Elite Wing 

Lee is a 6’5 freak athlete on the Wing. He jumps around 12 feet, which is just insane. Lee is a player who has the wow factor on the Wing. He turns heads with his athleticism in the gym.

Mason Taylor 2018 KC Pacers Elite Wing  

Taylor is a Mr. Everything for the KC Pacers. He can handle the rock, shoots it well and can defend three positions. Taylor will impress coaches with his non-stop motor and is a great teammate.

Jeremiah Garrett 6′ 2018 KC Pacers Point Guard 

Garrett is super fast with the ball in his hands. He dominates opponents getting to the rim with his speed. He is a good defender. From behind the arc Garrett gives the KC Pacers Elite squad a big time shooting presence.

Keaston Willis 6’3 2019 Bandits Elite Combo Guard 

Willis is a combo guard that can play the one or the two. He is all-around player who can really shoot the ball. He doesn’t have blow by speed, but finds ways to be effective. Willis has a very high basketball IQ, which helps him see the floor to get his teammates the ball.

Day day Hall 6’4 2020 Bandits Elite Forward

Hall is an undersized big man with great speed and quickness. He is quick off his feet, rebounds the ball really well in the post. He is young and still growing, but the future of Hall looks really bright with his skill set.

Bryson Lynn 6’1 2018 Bandits Elite Shooting Guard 

Lefty shooter who knocks down the three-point shot consistently. He plays with a very high basketball IQ. The defense of Lynn has improved making him a true two way player. He puts himself in good position to have success.

Will Graham 5’11 2018 Primetime Red Point Guard 

Graham is one of the best floor generals in the entire tournament field this weekend. He does a good job of controlling the game at the Point. He has a little of an awkward jump shot, but is consistent with it. Graham gets to the basket quickly and does a great job of finishing.