Posted On: 03/27/17 1:06 PM

Since we started Prep Hoops it has been our mission to provide coverage on all levels of players, not just those receiving Division 1 offers. Our writers focus on this goal while working extremely hard to cover more players around the country than any other outlet. Despite having the largest staff of writers and evaluators in the country and producing more than 1,200 articles a month, we realize there are still players we don’t see enough of, or worse, don’t see at all.

To remedy this problem we developed Prep Hoops RecruitMe to allow parents and players to set up their own “Recruiting Resume”.  RecruitMe allows players to share their athletic statistics and accomplishments, highlight videos, grades and test scores, contact information, and college preferences.

There are a number of websites that offer recruiting profiles and the ability to display information to college coaches. While these profiles do have some value, there are two major shortcoming that they neglect to mention in their sales pitches. First, our competitor’s profiles are generic for all sports, unlike Prep Hoops which is basketball and basketball only. Second and most importantly, college programs don’t really use them.

Prep Hoops has several hundred college programs subscribing to and visiting daily, and our staff of 80+ is in direct communication with Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA, and Junior Colleges prospects on a regular basis. This makes all the difference in getting in front of college coaches.

Check out and set up a free Starter profile today, or click on the video below to learn more!

Jake Phillips (Co-Founder)