Prospect Spotlight: Max Knight (2018)

High School

Posted On: 02/16/17 2:01 PM

It’s no secret that basketball is a game in which height matters, and lucky for Lakeside wing Max Knight, he’s gained plenty of it over the past two years.

The junior guard was 6-foot during his freshman season, but has since sprouted to 6-foot-6. And his older brother is 6-foot-p, so Knight may not be done growing.

He explained to PHWA how his game has changed since he added the half-foot.

“I’ve just noticed I can finish in the paint now, and over dudes. This fall I started dunking in games, and I realized I could play above the rim rather than just being restricted to 3-pointers and floaters,” said Knight, who went into detail about his style of play.

“I’ve always considered myself a pure scorer, definitely from the 3-point line, that’s my strength. And I’ve grown a lot, especially this summer, so I’ve been moving my game into the paint, and stuff like that. And I’ve really become a better slasher.”

As a senior with the Lions, Knight has taken on a much larger role, and has embraced it.

“Last year we had Isiah Brown, so I had a much smaller role. And then this year I’ve had to stop into the main role,” said Knight. “And it was definitely tough in the beginning, because I was taking so many in-game shots I had never taken before. But it’s definitely helped me grow as a player, for sure.”

As his spring approaches, Knight is aware of the importance a 17U grassroots season can have on a player’s recruitment. And though he played with Friends of Hoops last summer, he’s not sure who he’ll play with for his this offseason.

“This summer I really want to play with a team that’s really competitive, but also with a coach that’s going to make me better as a player,” he said. “I want to play for a team that will involve everyone, and definitely a coach that wants to play like a team, instead of a team that goes out and plays one-on-one basketball.”

His recruitment is something that could take-off this summer, especially considering he’ll be showcasing his added height and new diverse set of skills.

“I’ve talked to a couple smaller schools, and I’ve talked to Cameron Dollar at Seattle U, and I really look up to him and he’s a great coach. I’ve gone to a couple games and I know the guys on the team,” said Knight.

“Not much recruiting yet though, so hopefully they will open up. I’m just excited for the summer, so I can show people what I can do.”