Posted On: 02/6/17 1:57 PM

His transfer back to Columbus Northland forced DiShon Daniels to miss the early portion of his junior season.

The 2018 explosive wing battled with the setback, but continued to contribute.

“It was tough, but I was also in the gym at 5 o’clock in the morning before school,”  said Daniels.  “I get shots up before school and then do school work.  When I was on the bench during those games I had to sit out I was pretty mad, but I helped my team stay positive with energy from the bench.”

Watching a sport you “always” played can be an emotional drain and players all handle it differently.  Daniels decided to redirect his frustrations into gym work.


Daniels opened up about the early sniffs back in April.  Most of the former suitors are still around.

“Pretty much I have the same recruitment,” said Daniels.  “I still have West Virginia, Xavier, and all the others I told you about back in the summer.  That is pretty much it.”

The 6-foot-6 wing does have a few new power programs at the table.

“I have received calls from Cal-Berkley and UNLV and Stony Brook,” said Daniels.

Almost all of the Cal contact goes through Daniels’ AAU Coach Jamie Skelton.

“My AAU coach got a call from Cal and he told me that…I know that Cal-Berkley wants to see me during AAU season around April or May,” said Daniels.

Since Head Coach Cuonzo Martin was hired by California, he and his staff has extended the recruiting region to include Georgia (Jaylen Brown) and Illinois (Charlie Moore).  Cal Assistant Coach Tracy Webster can frequently be seen evaluating Midwest AAU programs and has recruiting ties in Chicago dating back to his Illinois, Purdue, and Ball State assistant coaching days.

Daniels once again mentioned Florida State as a favored program.  Though the FSU staff has not initiated contact, Daniels’ sister went to FSU.  He is fond of the program and the school overall.

In the recent months Daniels has grown fond of both Georgetown and Maryland.  Neither DMV school has reached out, but he would be exceptionally receptive.

How has Daniels responded in his recent return to action?

“When I came back I barely even got out of the game,” said Daniels.  “My defense was there, but on the offensive end I was a little bit shaky.  In the next game I had 8 pts, 5 rebounds, and 5 blocks.”

The junior is averaging 5.8 ppg in his six games this season.

As always Columbus Northland expects to make a deep push in the postseason.  The Vikings have been City Champions nine of the last 10 seasons.