Basketball Prospect Football Team: Offense


Posted On: 02/1/17 6:00 AM

This has become one of my favorite articles every winter.  College football national signing day is among my favorite days of the year.  Being a huge college football fan I believe this should be a national holiday!  Each year we name our All Basketball Prospect Football Team.  You have to be a ranked prospect to be considered.  Without further ado here is our All-Basketball Prospect Football Team Offense!


QB Reyondous Estes (East St. Louis)

The recent Minnesota football commit led his team all the way to the state title.  The ESL senior is also a role player on the hardwood for the Flyers pushing the ball in transition.
RB Jirehl Brock (Quincy)

Brock was a breakout star on the gridiron this season.  He might be the top sophomore running back in the state.  On the court he is a physical two guard that can score, rebound, and defend.


RB Ayo Dosunmu (Morgan Park)

Ayo doesn’t play football, but the state’s top 2018 basketball prospect would be an outstanding pass catching running back in the mold of a Reggie Bush type player with his speed and elusiveness.


WR Justin Smith (Stevenson)

Smith is an elite athlete that has super bounce on the hardwood.  That would translate on the gridiron as a downfield threat!


WR Charles Payton (Olympia)

Payton is uber bouncy with quick explosion off the ground.  He would be a highlight reel wideout and a mismatch with his size.


WR Collin Stallworth (Rochester)

Stallworth is one of the top receivers in the state.  He is also a top 50 senior in the hoops rankings.  The power forward on the hardwood is an easy choice.


WR CJ Coldon (Althoff)

Coldon is a point guard that we believe has LM talent on the hardwood, but has opted to go the football route in college.  Coldon is a quick twitched athlete that can get off the line of scrimmage and would be great on bubble screens.


WR Jared Scott (OPRF)

Scott is starting to pick up steam from a recruiting standpoint on the gridiron and it looks like he might do that as well in college.  Physical possession receiver with some hops to high point balls.


TE Jordan Goodwin (Althoff)

The SLU commit was a tight end on one of the top teams in the state this past year.  He is a physical player on the hardwood and that translates on the field where he can block and catch passes both at a high rate.  Was recruited by Big 10 teams for football.


OT Cameron Krutwig (Jacobs)

Krutwig has tremendous size and length to play offensive tackle for our team.  Great footwork and is a smart player that will protect our QB’s blindside.


OT Francis Okoro (Normal West)

At right tackle we went with the top 2019 prospect in the state.  He is 6’10” with unreal strength and athleticism.  Has the feet to pass block and the mentality to maul in the run game.


G  Joey St. Pierre (Richmond Burton)

St. Pierre is a thick bodied and physical big man that would project well on the interior of the offensive line with his strength and physicality.


G  Tyler Dancy (Belleville West)

Great footwork out of this big man from Belleville West.  We could envision him as a pulling guard that would open up the run game and block well in pass pro.


C  Brandon McCombs (Jacksonville)

McCombs will run the show at the center position with his strength, short space agility, and smarts.


KR Markese Jacobs (Uplift)

Kansas commit is an electric athlete that when he gets a head of steam behind him would be tough to stop weaving in and out of the defense.


PR Alonzo Verge (Willowbrook)

Verge is tough to stay in front of and makes people miss.  He is a natural pick for this position on special teams.


ATH Javon Williams (Centralia)

Williams is a junior quarterback that is being recruited by D1 schools for a variety of positions.  Such a tough competitor when playing hoops.