The Basketball Interview: Marco Pettinato

High School

Posted On: 02/18/17 6:00 AM

In our series The Basketball Interview we talk with one of the top players in the state of Illinois about a variety of topics both on and off the court.  Today’s interview is with Lincoln Way West 2017 shooting guard and Lewis commit Marco Pettinato.


What is your favorite opposing gym to play in?

“Thornton because of the atmosphere.  It is the only basketball court in the state of Illinois that has no volleyball lines on it.  Just a really cool place to play in my eyes.”



Who is the best player you have played against?

“Jordan Goodwin.  When we played them at the finals last year he had the highest motor I have ever seen with the skill level.  He is a great player.”



Who is your favorite player to play against?

“Just played Alonzo Verge for the first time in a long time.  I go way back with that kid.  It is just a fun guy to play against.”



Which is your favorite social media?

“Twitter.  I don’t really get Snap Chat.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Instagram is kind of boring.  Twitter is the most of everything.”



What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

“Meeting all the coaches.  Everyone I met was great people.  They were trying to pitch their school and it was interesting to hear certain things from certain guys and get looks from guys who have been everywhere.”



What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

“All the decisions you have to make.”



High School or Grassroots Circuit?

“High school.  I think high school is a better environment.  Just not a big fan of the way AAU works.  It is still fun, but I love high school because of the environment in a high school gym.”



Who is your favorite NBA Player?

“Right now Russell Westbrook.  Guy is amazingly fun to watch.”



What team not on your schedule would you want to play?

“Morgan Park.  It was a fun game last year.  I am sure they would love to get us again.  I would love to play them again.  I think it would be a great game and great environment.”



Nike, Under Armour, or Adidas?

“I am going to have to say Adidas.  Lewis is Adidas and I got my first pair or Adidas earlier this year and they aren’t too bad.  I have always been Nike because I feel that sticks more, but Adidas has been too bad so far.”