Prospect Profile: Zion Williamson (2018)

South Carolina

Posted On: 01/16/17 10:45 AM

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  Snapchat you name it,  you cannot be on any social media site and not have heard about Zion Williamson. His rim-rattling, high-flying dunks are all over the internet. He is the one-man show that everyone is waiting in line to see.

Rewind over a year ago, we all knew Zion Williamson was good but not the way we know now. His dunks are the closest thing that I have seen anyone accomplish since LeBron James. He has the size to match up with King James at 6-foot-8 and about 215 pounds. If the NBA’s one year rule wasn’t still around I could see him being drafted based on just athletic ability straight out of high school. He is a true competitor and leaves it all on the floor.

Williamson broke the prestigious Chick-Fil-A Classic scoring record last month by scoring 53 points in front of UNC’s Roy Williams, South Carolina’s Frank Martin and Clemson’s Brad Brownell. 53 is great, but let me add this, he did it on Gray’s Collegiate, a team made up of UNC commit Jalek Felton and 2019 star Juwan Gary.

I have witnessed the Zion Williamson show on two occasions. The first was in Asheville as Spartanburg Day took on Asheville Christian Academy. In the first half, Zion had six or seven dunks that were crowd pleasing. His last one brought fans out of their seats and onto the floor with their cell phones. I have been covering high school basketball for almost eight years and I have never seen anything like it. It is a show. If you have the chance I recommend seeing it.

He is averaging almost 36 points, 14 rebounds and 2.5 assists and 2.5 blocks per game. He has led The Griffons to a 12-5 record to date.