Scouting and Highlights: Malik Clincy (Mid Michigan Community College)


Posted On: 01/30/17 4:59 PM

Malik Clincy is a 6’3″ 2-guard who can do it all. He is currently playing JuCo ball at Mid Michigan Community College but he has the potential to play D1. He has the ability to play at any level, however, a realistic expectation would be mid-major to low-major D1 or an elite D2 team. He is athletic and capable of playing above the rim, can shoot, has good handles, can create for himself or his teammates, can defend and can rebound.

Here’s my take on Clincy’s game:


Athleticism – While 6’3″ may be a tad undersized for a 2-guard, it doesn’t matter in Clincy’s case, as he has the athleticism and length to offset this problem. He is capable of finishing over/through bigger defenders, catching and finishing lobs, as well as defend taller opponents.

Shooting – He is knockdown shooter when given space. When he doesn’t have space, he is capable of stepping back and hitting contested shots. He can shoot both off the catch and off the dribble. His shot looks smooth and comfortable from anywhere on the floor.

Playmaking/handles – His handles are tight and, when combined with his athleticism, make him really tough to defend. His handles, combined with his willingness to pass, make him a great playmaker as he can get by defenders whenever he wants. He is that rare combination of high-level scoring ability coupled with a willingness to pass.

Defense/Rebounding – This is a product of his athleticism. He has the physical ability and he applies it well. Again, 6’3″ is a bit undersized for a 2-guard, but Clincy plays bigger than his height. His play style will still be effective against taller opponents. He crashes the boards hard, generating easy points off layups and putbacks. This helps him score points efficiently. His defense is solid, as his athleticism and length make him tough to shake.

Areas For Development:

Shot Speed – His shot is good and he makes them at a good percentage. Off catch and shoot opportunities, Clincy takes a second to set himself before shooting. This may work at the JuCo level, but at the higher levels this will make it difficult for him to get his shot off. If he can simply speed up his shot a bit then he will have no issues getting his shot off at any level.

Body Language – He has a tendency to wear his emotions on his face and with his body. In some coaches eyes, this is not a negative thing at all. But to some coaches it is important to be composed while on the court. As I said, he can really do it all on the court, so this is just nit-picking.