The Basketball Interview…Stockton Shorts

High School

Posted On: 12/13/16 10:00 AM

Photo Credit:Deseret News

Stockton Shorts has started his senior campaign with something to prove. He is the leading scorer in 5A with a scoring average of 26 points per game for Copper Hills High School. Here is the interview I had with Stockton.

What are some strengths you have in your game that make you the player that you are?

“I’m good at attacking the defense and scoring inside the paint. I try to always be aggressive on offense. I’m also a good three point shooter and I feel like I can knock it down consistently. The biggest thing I pride myself on is being a leader for my team. I’m a senior and I know that’s important to lead the young guys.”

What are some of your weaknesses that you would like to work on?

Sometimes I get worked up into the speed of the game and I force plays on offense. I need to be able to use my head and make the smart play. Another thing I want to improve on is being more explosive. If I want to excel on the college level this is something I need to work on in the off-season.”

Who is the toughest player you can recall playing against in Utah basketball and why?

“The best player I’ve played against is Frank Jackson from Lone Peak. He’s so athletic and aggressive which makes him so hard to guard. He jumps so high on his jump shot that I couldn’t even contest him.”

What team on your schedule do you want to beat the most and why?

We really want to beat Bingham this year after they have beaten us four straight times. There a great team and we consider them our rival. I think will be able to beat them during region play.”

What team that isn’t on your schedule in Utah would you most like to play and why?

“I would want to play Lone Peak because they are ranked ahead of us. I always want to beat good teams and prove that we are better than them. Lone Peak is always good and that would be a fun game.”

How do you see your team doing this year?

“I think we can win the Region 4 title and also the state tournament. We did lose a lot from last year but expectations haven’t changed.”

Who is you Favorite NBA player and why?

My favorite player is Gordan Hayward. I like his game and I try to take things that he does and implement them in my own game. I’m also a huge Utah Jazz fan.”

What is your favorite moment during your basketball career?

“My favorite moment was beating Frank Jackson and Lone Peak in the 2nd round of state last season. To be able to beat a player that is now playing for Duke was a huge accomplishment.”

Who has the best home crowd in the state other than your own?

“I would say Bingham.They always have a huge crowd that is loud and makes it hard to win at their place. It’s a fun environment to play a game at.”

What do you want to major in for college?

I’m not completely sure but i’m thinking sports Medicine or Sports Management.”

What school are recruiting you?

“I’m getting recruited by USU-Eastern, Salt Lake Community College, Dixie State and Central Wyoming College.”