Ten Best: Cathedral vs. Guerin Catholic

High School

Posted On: 11/21/16 10:10 PM

The regular season got underway tonight but we took a look at one last scrimmage before the season gets going for us. Tonight, we looked into the Guerin Catholic-Cathedral matchup. Cathedral lost a lot from last year and have a new head coach at the helm while Guerin Catholic brought back a lot of their talent and and have one of the longest tenured coaches in the state.

Guerin Catholic won the scrimmage with three quarters to one.  They had a few big scoring stretches, both coming with big scoring streaks from senior Matthew Godfrey who ended with 22 points on 8 of 15 shooting, 5 of 9 from behind the arc.  Other big scorers in this one were Cathedral wing Jarron Coleman with 30 points on 12 of 24 shooting.  Guerin Catholic also had junior forward Jack Hansen with 10 points and 13 rebounds.

MVP: Matthew Godfrey (Guerin Catholic)

Could have easily put Jarron Coleman here but Guerin won the game and Godfrey was crazy good for some key stretches and is about as efficient as you could want him to be.  Having 22 points on 15 shots along with three boards and quite a few assists, Matt had the type of game you kind of expected coming off a huge summer for him.  His three point shooting was stellar and he has such a quick release that you aren’t going to stop him if he wants to pull up from the volleyball line.

Play of the Game: Matthew Godfrey (Guerin Catholic)

The play of the game is really a few plays. To start the game, Godfrey hit something like three of his first four shots for nine points in about the first five possessions.  It was a crazy stretch and showed that he was ready to go from the start.  Look for Godfrey to put up some gaudy numbers this year for Guerin, a team that proved tonight they are going to win quite a few games this season.

Best Offensive Performance: Jarron Coleman (Cathedral)

The best offensive performance of the night will go to Coleman.  The 6’5 wing put up a ridiculous 30 points and really good have been a ton better.  This was not a good game for him as he missed a lot of easy buckets and had a ton of turnovers. On the bright side, you can see how potent he can be and with some improved efficiency, Coleman could really do some damage and put Cathedral in spots to win some games.  Coleman did look good while shooting from the perimeter. His catch-and-shoot ability is really good and went 6 of 10 from behind the arc tonight. When he plays to his strengths, he can be really efficient.

Best Defensive Performance: Hunter Jackson (Cathedral)

In a little bit of a surprise, the best defender tonight was Cathedral freshman guard Hunter Jackson.  The 5’10 Jackson is a ball of energy and did a lot tonight to help his team win.  He was scrappy on the ball causing a few turnovers and did well in transition to set his guys up.  He’s got a quick twitch and a lot of energy and because he’s a freshman he is kind of all over the place.  Tonight, that worked in his favor.

Best Guy Off The Bench: Kian Sills (Guerin Catholic)

The best bench player tonight was Guerin Catholic guard Kian Sills.  The sophomore was solid tonight giving yet another shooter for Guerin Catholic to use and one that we didn’t expect heading in.  He went 6 of 10 from the field for 16 points and had four rebounds as well.  Sills hit 4 of 6 from behind the arc.  Most of his damage came in the third and fourth quarters, the two closest of the four and both were wins for Guerin Catholic.

Best Intagibles: Cam Dixon (Guerin Catholic)

The best intagibles or do-it-all guy tonight was Cam Dixon of Guerin Catholic.  Nothing flashy but he was really good, especially late, grabbing huge rebounds and getting a few second chance points.  He 8 points and 7 rebounds and made life difficult at times for Cathedral, a rather small 4A team, in the post.

Best Under-The-Radar Performance: Jack Myers (Cathedral)

While you could throw Kian Sills in here as well. it was senior forward Jack Myers of Cathedral that really shook things up.  The 6’6 forward gave some desperately needed size to Cathedral but still was able to keep the floor spread by shooting the three.  He had 9 points on 3 of 5 shooting from behind the arc.  He’s a bit thin and is more of a face-up guy but he has the potential to impact inside the paint as well.  Didn’t do it much tonight but the makeup of this team could really use him this season.

Best Underclassmen: Hunter Jackson (Cathedral)

The best underclassmen tonight was Cathedral’s Hunter Jackson. He’s that gritty type of player and full of energy that you can easily see why he is going to get a ton of minutes this season.  His ceiling will be the question that goes with him throughout his high school career but he can sure play right now and will give Jason Delaney another big guard prospect to use.

Best Rebounder: Jack Hansen (Guerin Catholic)

You can go by shear numbers on this and say that Hansen’s 13 rebounds tonight was the most by any player and give him this category. But, it was also just as much about how he got them.  He’s a pretty versatile and athletic kid and at 6’6, he moves well and can run down rebounds outside of his area.  He has decent strength and tonight Cathedral had nobody to matchup with him really.

Best Leader: Tra Landers (Cathedral)

The best leader on the floor was Cathedral guard Tra Landers.  He’s lost a bit of his role over the years to guys like James Franklin and Hunter Jackson but Landers continues to be the better of the guards for Cathedral in terms of setting up his teammates and as a pure passer.  He showed tonight that he can still get in the lane and find the open man. This happened better the later the game got and when Coleman was willing to sit on the wing and wait for the pass.  He does a lot for this team and can really steer it in the best direction.