Scouting Update: DeAndre Osuigwe

High School

Posted On: 11/28/16 11:52 AM

If you don’t know the name DeAndre Osuigwe, it might be time to start getting familiar. He can flat out shoot it.

Osuigwe made some huge shots off the bench this past weekend against Pebblebrook to keep them in the game.

When I spoke with him this past summer, he said that he had been working considerably to get stronger, and add an element to his game of being able to hold out during tougher physical games.

“I’ve just been working out at IMG,” Osuigwe said. “I’m just working hard to show these coaches how I play. I feel like I’m a guy who works really hard, so I’m trying to show what I can do out here. The experience at IMG is crazy. Going to school for five hours, going to weights, then going to basketball. We might have pros come in as well, so we play with them too. That’s how you get tough.”

It definitely looks like it’s paid off for Osuigwe who I could see as a very solid bench piece for a low major team at the next level. He has a really quick trigger and he can get it off extremely quickly from deep. He’s going to be an asset for a team in the future.