Posted On: 11/11/16 12:05 PM

Six-foot-7 junior Sy Chatman of Cretin-Derham Hall is one of several Raiders in the junior class that has the Raiders thinking big things.

“I’m really getting in the gym to try and make my jumper more consistent and improve my handle,” said Chatman of how he is getting ready for a big 2016-17 season.

“My goals this year are for my high school team to win state and for me to receive my first offer this season

“Our team is trying to build chemistry and we are just trying to get ready for this huge season we have ahead of us.”

Chatman, Ryan Larson, Daniel Outro, Jacob Prince, Deland Phillips, and Ray Sean Treadwell are all part of a Raider group that is likely the best core of junior talent in the state.

Larson, Chatman, and Prince all played with the Howard Pulley 16U team while Oturo was with the Pulley EYBL 17U squad.

“I really like the people the most just because I came there know a lot of people through playing on the same AAU basketball team as them and they helped make my transition to a new school much easier and really looked out for me,” said Chatman.

The Panthers were a good experience for Chatman as the team played in nine events (three NY2LA, two EYBL 16U events, and local events in Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, and here in the Twin Cities).

“The beginning of AAU, it was kind of tough because I had to get used to the EYBL circuit and how much different the talent level is there,” Chatman said.

“Towards the end of the season I got used to the play style and began playing way more confidently and started to do a lot better in the circuit.

“AAU really opened my eyes on where I need to get as a basketball player and it also changed my game a lot in a positive way especially my aggressiveness on the offensive side.”

Chatman has good size and the potential to play at the next level.

“I’ve received letters, but my parents or high school coaches have been the ones talking to coaches so far,” Sy said.