Proud Papa: Shawn Pipes Sr.

High School

Posted On: 11/8/16 4:45 PM

Wednesday, after school, 2017 pg P.J. Pipes (Lemont High) will sign with Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Justifiably much of the attention tomorrow will be placed upon the aspiring college athletes.


Deservedly so.

They worked hard.  They earned the offer(s) and they are signing.  But, the true beneficiaries are the parents.  They get to see their sons sign to a college basketball program, the benefits of which are many.

“I can’t put in words how proud I am of him,” said father Shawn Pipes.  “It is truly a blessing to see him accomplish a dream of his and the fun part is he hasn’t stopped working.”

A college degree is nearly mandatory to enter the 21st century workforce.  Also, a basketball scholarship (though year-to-year) ensures parents of these signees will pay virtually nothing for tuition, books, room/board, etc.   That cost is enormous and many graduates are still paying off their debt.

P.J. Pipes should have no college debt.   He signs with UW-Green Bay tomorrow.

His father hoped and dreamed he would be good enough since he was born.  In first grade his proud father was already recording P.J.’s games.

“As my wife tells me, PJ was dribbling a nerf ball in the house before he could actually walk,'” said Pipes Sr.  “However, I coached him early on at the Y and some other leagues up until he was seventh grade.

Arriving at a number of hours spent training, working, playing, and thinking about basketball for Pipes is impossible.

“It was probably 8th and 9th grade that I started to realize he could play college ball,” said Pipes Sr.  “I played three sports in college at a NAIA school at the time and I knew he had the ability to play college ball, it was just a matter of at what level.”

Pipes Jr. played against older, better competition in junior high.

I started putting him on team[s] with better players and playing against better competition and he still continued to blossom.  I would also say, if you [are] standing out against your peers, if you continue to work, you should continue to stand out since your peers are growing in age right with you.  So in essence, you will be playing against the same kids for the most part. The reason I really believed was because of his dedication and work.  I never had to force him to put in work as he pushed me to take him to the gym until he was able to drive himself. He is a gymrat for sure and I believe he enjoys the process more than actually playing the game.

Pipes Jr. will graduate with at least three Lemont HS records.

If you are curious about his season and future follow his father, Shawn Pipes on Twitter at @spipes10.  Nobody promotes more proudly or aggressively.  Videos, stats, etc. are commonplace.

“He is looking forward to his Senior year and going out with a bang,” said Pipes Sr.  “The wife and I are as proud of him as any parent would be and we continue to call on him to remain humble and appreciative in the gift that he has to BallOut.”

For a full list of signees from the Land of Lincoln check out Scott Burgess’ expansive list.