The Basketball Interview…with Parker Fox

High School

Posted On: 11/29/16 10:28 AM

Northern State signed Parker Fox is about to be one of the most explosive leaping wings in the NSIC for the coming years. Today the Mahtomedi leader talked about his favorite parts of the game of basketball.

At your school, what is your favorite part or parts about game days in terms of the routine leading up to the game?

“We have a carbo feed the night before every game. It is great to get together with the guys to relax and eat spaghetti. As a team we tend to dress up for game day. It has been something we have done for several years. Teachers and students recognize this and wish us luck. Preparation before games plays a big role for me on game day. I usually start 2 hours pregame with heat on my legs, foam rolling dynamic and static stretching, including 20 minutes of Yoga. We have a great atmosphere in our locker room pregame with good music to get us ready to go. After Friday night Games we have team sleepovers. Although we don’t get much sleep it is a great time with a good group of friends.”

What makes your crowd unique? What is a memorable thing that they’ve done that you will always remember?

“We tend to have some of the greatest student sections at all sporting events, and people love basketball. Our school has a really close group of people who want to come out and support us and have fun doing it. It makes playing even more fun when you have hundreds of students there to watch you on those Friday night games. I will always remember when I had a fast break dunk against Tartan and our football RB Jalen Frye ripped his shirt off in the student section and almost got kicked out for doing so. We Love our fans!”

Who is the toughest player you can recall playing against in Minnesota basketball and why?

“I have been very fortunate to play against some extremely talented players in this very deep MN 2017 class at various camps, combines, showcases, ect. With the likes of Gary, Brad, Nate, Goanar, Theo, Kin, Ish, Trae, Myles ect. But I would say the hardest match up for me was with Jericho. He can score on all different levels. He has crazy length and athleticism. He is a really good dude, I truly have enjoyed that match up, and know he will do big things at Texas.”

Who is your biggest rival and what about them makes the rivalry both heated and memorable?

“No doubt our biggest rivalry is with Tartan. Rightfully so with talent Like Jordan, Kingston, Jarvis, Joevon, Jordan, Noah ect. Over the past couple years every time we play them our gym is packed and it is standing room only.  We have a tradition that will remain a secret, but we do something fun as a team post game every time we beat them. We look forward to another two big games against them this year.”

Who is your favorite basketball player in the world and why?  

“My favorite basketball player has always been and will always be, LeBron. I think he is undoubtedly the best player in the league right now. He brings so much to a team that is a lot more than scoring. He rebounds, passes, and plays D so well. These are the type of things that I want to continue to develop to help my team as much as I can.”

What brand of gear or type of gear are you partial to?

“Every hooper loves gear. I am all Nike/Jordan or nothing. I love all of their gear from shoes to pants to shirts and sweatshirts. Other than years, I have never owned Adidas or Under Armour shoes since I can remember. The single leg sleeve is something I started to do this summer and will bring it into this winter season.”

What is your favorite venue to play basketball in that you’ve played in?  

“Truthfully, I love our gym at Mahtomedi. We had everything redone about 3 years ago. We pack the gym every game and it gets very loud. Additions include a new gym floor and bleachers, scoreboard, and a huge replay screen that shows highlights, fan cam, and fun videos just like a college or NBA game. We are truly thankful to the staff who help film the game and make team videos for our fans to watch during the game.  Additionally I enjoyed playing on the Jordan court in Las Vegas with the VangGang. All Black court, silver rims, music and spotlight for a Championship in Vegas? Can’t beat that!”

What team that isn’t on your schedule in Minnesota would you most like to play and why?

“Rochester John Marshall. I have gotten to know Matt Hurt through the Hardwood League. We have a couple side bets about who would win and how much we would drop on one another. Just sayin.”

Explain the relationship varsity players have at your school with youth players?

“Our varsity program runs the summer camps in our community for youth. I know I really looked up to the varsity guys when I was a kid, so It is really fun to see these kids have a good time and develop new skills from us players at camp. In addition on Saturday mornings we referee youth games. On some game days We get to hang out with the youth after the games, sign autographs and eat pizza.”

Best coaching advice you’ve received is what and who was it from?

“The best coaching advice I have received has to be from my dad. He coached our traveling team all the way up and has always supported my goals. With all the great advice he has given me the one that will always stick with me is “be confident, don’t let anyone outwork you, but put your team first, that is the only way you can be successful.”

Who is your basketball influence?

“Basketball has been engraved in my family, both parents and grandparents played. I started growing up shooting hoops in the basement on the fisher price hoop. Watching several hours of basketball, YouTube highlights, mix tapes, including some of the great basketball movies such as Hoosiers, Coach Carter, Like Mike ect. I wouldn’t say one player has influenced my game completely, all these things created the love I have for this game.