The Basketball Interview…with Logan Nelson

High School

Posted On: 11/7/16 5:14 PM

At your school, what is your favorite part or parts about game days in terms of the routine leading up to the game?

“We don’t really have a specific routine we do before every game. My favorite part about game day is the break down we do in the locker room and when we run onto the court.  That gets me and my teammates going.”

What makes your crowd unique? What is a memorable thing that they’ve done that you will always remember?

“A lot of people say they have the best fans, but I will honestly say I truly believe we have the best fans in the state. Every game they fill the stands and rally around us. It means more to me then they will ever know. One thing that sticks out the most is at state basketball last season when we lost a very close game to four winds in the first round, the same amount of fans showed up to the next two games to support us. It goes to show that win or lose, Jaguar fans are the best.”

Who is the toughest player you can recall playing against in North Dakota basketball and why?

“Three players stick out to me as the toughest I’ve played against in North Dakota. The first is Grady Bresnahan, he played 100% all the time and never quit until the game was over. The next would be Carter Kretchman. He was two years older then me and I looked up to him and tried to play like him. The toughest I’ve ever faced though I would have to say my own teammate Cody Springer. Everyday in practice we went at it and that’s what pushed me to become a better basketball player. He was very competitive and never wanted to lose so it was very hard to play against him.”

Who is your biggest rival and what about them makes the rivalry both heated and memorable?

“I would say our biggest rival is Oak Grove. They’ve been on the top for so long and me and my teammates always wanted what they had going to state two years in a row and beating us in 2000 in the regional championship. It gets heated because the competition is so tough every play and we wanted what they had.”

Who is your favorite basketball player in the world and why?

“My favorite basketball player in the world would have to be Allen Iverson. He was never afraid of anybody and he played every game like it was his last.”

All basketball players love gear. What brand of gear or type of gear are you partial to?

“My favorite gear would have to be Nike. I love Kevin Durant shoes and Kobes as well.

What is your favorite venue to play basketball in that you’ve played in?

“My favorite basketball venues I’ve played in would be the Minot Dome because it was the state tournament and it was packed. It was an honor to play on that court representing region 1. My second would be the home court, The Palace On the Prairie. That’s the nickname of our gym at Northern Cass. I think it’s a very nice gym with a great atmosphere.”

What court that you haven’t played on would you dream of playing on?

“The one court I would love to play on is the new SHAC at North Dakota State. I would love to play on that court.”

Explain the relationship varsity players have at your school with youth players?

“The varsity players in every sport at Northern Cass have a very good relationship with the youth. We run youth camps to get to know the kids and teach them the fundamentals. We talk to them almost every day. They come into our locker room a couple games a year to see what it is like.”

Best coaching advice you’ve received is what and who was it from?

“Two coaches of mine have given me a very good piece of advice. My coach at Northern Cass told me “if your hot, shoot until your not. If your not, shoot until your hot.” He is always telling me to “let it fly.” Another coach of mine for ECI coach Lucas Moormann told me that “you have to play every game a little pissed off. You have to have an edge when you play the game to get yourself going.”

Who is your basketball influence?

“My basketball influence would have to be my school. The fans and everybody at the school have given me and helped me so much I owe them everything I have to give. The fans and the community around the school deserve a winner.”