The Basketball Interview…with Jameson Bryan

High School

Posted On: 11/28/16 3:27 PM

Eastview’s Jameson Bryan is pound for pound one of the toughest, and smartest lead guards in the state. The future Augustana PG talked with us today in The Basketball Interview.

At your school, what is your favorite part or parts about game days in terms of the routine leading up to the game?

“Favorite part of my game routine is just getting locked in.  Everything else that happened during the day or week goes away and it’s just me and the hoops.  It’s just a special feeling that’s hard to describe.”

What makes your crowd unique? What is a memorable thing that they’ve done that you will always remember?

“Something that makes Eastview’s crowd unique is we have a group of seniors this year that go to all the games and even travel to away games.  It’s awesome to have my buddies on the sidelines cheering me on day in and day out.  Something that I will always remember what they do is every time we play Apple Valley they pack the gym, makes it a great environment to play in.”

Who is the toughest player you can recall playing against in Minnesota basketball and why?

“Toughest player I have matched up with would have to be Tyus Jones.  I was a freshman and it was only my 2nd start on the road in a full gym and it was a rivalry game… Pretty great experience.”

Who is your biggest rival and what about them makes the rivalry both heated and memorable?

“Biggest rival would have to be Apply Valley.  They are always a very good team and that always makes for a good game.  It’s a big game because you play in front of people you know on both sides of the stands.”

Who is your favorite basketball player in the world and why?

“My favorite basketball player in the world is a toss up between Allen Iverson and Kwame Brown.  Kwame just because it’s Kwame and how don’t you love Kwame, and Iverson because he was an undersized guy kind of like myself yet he could still do everything from scoring, passing and defending.  He’s also was such an exciting player and I wish I could’ve been around to watch his play live.”

All basketball players love gear. What brand of gear or type of gear are you partial to?

“I’ve worn Nike all my life (minus my 4th grade year where I wore a sick pair of And1’s) and I will probably stick to that until the day I die.”

What is your favorite venue to play basketball in that you’ve played in?

“My favorite venue that I have every played in would have to be the Khol’s Center when my Eastview team played a team camp there over the summer.”

What team that isn’t on your schedule in Minnesota would you most like to play and why?

“A team that isn’t on the schedule that I wish was on would have to be Bloomington Jefferson.  There’s been a lot of speculation between my former AAU teammate and I about who would win that game.  It was be awesome to play them and bring home the win.”

Explain the relationship varsity players have at your school with youth players?

“The relationship that the varsity players have with the younger kids is each player will choose a Eastview traveling team from 4th to 8th grade and mentor that team by going to a few practice and a tournament or two.  It’s a great way to get to know the younger kids and also just to build excitement to play basketball in those younger grades.”

Best coaching advice you’ve received is what and who was it from?

“Best coaching advice I’ve ever received is just “be aggressive”.  It’s something my dad has told me before every basketball game from 5th grade all the way to now.”

Who is your basketball influence?

“My basketball influence is a bit of a mix.  I play because I love the game and I love how you can always improve, and also my parents are a big influence, their constant support is great.  Those two things probably influence me the most.”