Posted On: 11/14/16 3:18 PM

Future Minot State guard Jack Schaefer talks about his love of basketball in The Basketball Interview

At your school, what is your favorite part or parts about game days in terms of the routine leading up to the game?

“My favorite part about pre-game is putting on my uniform. I’m grateful to be able to play basketball so I like to cherish every time I get to wear that jersey.”

What makes your crowd unique? What is a memorable thing that they’ve done that you will always remember?

“Coming from a small town you know and hear everybody in the crowd. My favorite part about our crowd is how much enthusiasm they show. Especially the younger kids because you remember what it was like when you were a kid and cheering on the team so you really appreciate the way they support the team.”

Who is the toughest player you can recall playing against in South Dakota basketball and why?

“I can’t name a toughest player but I know the toughest team we play is Four Winds. We usually end of playing them about twice per year and ever since I can remember we have never beaten them. Those guys have a great coach who really puts all his time and energy into that team. They play such a different style of basketball that even the best teams in the state have a hard time matching up with. I look forward to playing them every year because I know it is a true test of what my team is made of and what I am made of.”

Who is your biggest rival and what about them makes the rivalry both heated and memorable?

“Our biggest rival is Carrington. We are neighboring towns so it’s almost always a given that we should be rivals but every year those are the guys we really want to beat. The past couple years they got the best of us but I’m excited for this year’s game as I think our teams will match up well. It will be an exciting game to be at.”

Who is your favorite basketball player in the world and why?

“My favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. The way Kobe approached the game and how he separated himself from the mass is astonishing. The preparation that he put in is unmatched to anyone else and I always strive to be the same way. He went far beyond the physical aspects of basketball looking into every angle he could to gain an advantage against his opponent and I really admire that about him.”

What brand of gear or type of gear are you partial to?

“I’m a Nike and Jordan guy. My favorite shoes to wear on the court are Nikes, but off the court my favorites are Jordans. I also think some of Adidas’s new shoes are pretty cool but I’m more Nike than anything else.”

What is your favorite venue to play basketball in that you’ve played in?

“My favorite place to play was the Stanford Pentagon. It is a very cool facility with an awesome layout and very nice courts and hoops. I thought it was really cool to be able to play where so many other great players have.”

What court that you haven’t played on would you dream of playing on?

“A place that I would love to play at would be the Drew League. I always see the crazy highlights and I think it would be really fun to be able to play at a place like that because of the atmosphere.”

Explain the relationship varsity players have at your school with youth players?

“We keep a very good relationship with our younger players at my school. Again being a small school we really know everybody so you get to know the younger kids by being around them so much. You always want to keep in mind to leave a positive influence on them for them to remember as they grow up.”

Best coaching advice you’ve received is what and who was it from?

“The best coaching advice I have received was from a quote I read from a basketball performance page I follow. The quote states “When your chance comes, you don’t have time to get ready, you better be ready.” I find this to be very true because preparation is so important if you want to be successful.”

Who is your basketball influence?

“My basketball influence is probably myself. I have always been self motivated and never really had anybody tell me I had to do it or any of that. The person that helped me out he most is definitely my dad but I never was pushed into it. I found that I just liked it and I wanted to play as much as possible.”