The Basketball Interview…with Ethan Freidel

High School

Posted On: 11/15/16 1:42 PM

Tea Area guard Ethan Freidel is the definition of a gym rat.  To learn more about why he loves hoops so much read today’s The Basketball Interview.

At your school, what is your favorite part or parts about game days in terms of the routine leading up to the game?

“One of my favorite parts about game days is supporting the freshman and JV team. Love watching what the future holds for the younger ones. I also love warming up to the band playing, they do a great job and it gets me ready for the game.”

What makes your crowd unique? What is a memorable thing that they’ve done that you will always remember?

“Our crowd is amazing, we have support throughout the entire Tea community. One of my memorable moments with the crowd is when they went crazy after I broke the scoring record. I’ll never forget that.”

Who is the toughest player you can recall playing against in South Dakota basketball and why?

“The toughest kid I had to play against is probably Ty Hoglund. He is skilled in every way and can do so many things with the ball. He is also a winner, very rarely did I ever see the guy lose.”

Who is your biggest rival and what about them makes the rivalry both heated and memorable?

“I would say Tea’s biggest rival was Lennox because we used to be a combined school. Now however I would say Vermilion and Sioux Falls Christian, because the outcome is memorable every time.”

Who is your favorite basketball player in the world and why?

“My favorite basketball player of all-time is Kobe Bryant. The mentality he had was inspiring. Now that he is retired, I’d have to say my favorite player Steph Curry. In my eyes he’s the most skilled basketball player of all-time.”

What brand of gear or type of gear are you partial to?

“I’m not much of a gear guy. However I do love playing in Adidas basketball shoes, they are light and comfortable for me to wear.”

What is your favorite venue to play basketball in that you’ve played in?

“My favorite place to play is definitely Tea’s gym. The crowd is always great and it just feels like home.”

What court that you haven’t played on would you dream of playing on?

“I think it would be incredible to play a basketball game at Cameron indoor Stadium. I’ve been a Duke fan ever since I can remember and I’ve always dreamed about playing on coach K court.”

Explain the relationship varsity players have at your school with youth players?

“Our varsity guys have a great relationship with the young kids. A couple varsity guys last year actually coached a group of tea kids that were in the six grade. We always love watching the freshman and JV games and cheering on our fellow Titans.”

Best coaching advice you’ve received is what and who was it from?

“I think the best coaching advice I’ve ever received was from my seventh grade summer ball coach Matt Wilber. He simply told me that good shooters shoot to make. So that’s always been in my mind. Every shot I take I feel has a great chance of going in.”

Who is your basketball influence?

“My basketball influence is definitely my family. My grandpa especially, he always took me to basketball games. He would be my number one fan at mine no matter how far away it was, he was there. Since his passing this summer, my mom, dad, grandma, and aunt Cindy, give me more support than I could ask which keeps me going. My brother also give me a fire to keep working because we have always been competitive with each other.”