Vantage Hoops Top 250 Senior Stock Boosters (Part 1)

High School

Posted On: 09/15/16 1:28 PM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo held by Vantage Hoops at Randolph Macon last Sunday was a huge success with over 200 prospects and 35 college coaches in attendance. Over the next week, we will be breaking down the standouts and stock boosters throughout the camp. With so much talent from throughout the state in attendance, it was hard to see, let alone mention, every player that made an impact at the event, however we wanted to list a few prospects that caught our eyes. Here’s part one of the 2017 stock boosters from last Sunday.


Edriel Martinborough | 5’11” PG | Liberty Christian Academy

Edriel Martinborough

Martinborough may have been the biggest stock booster for the senior class at the event, mostly because no one has really seen him play. He may be on the short side, but he’s super explosive at the point guard position where he can elevate to block shots, rebound and finish at or above the rim in transition. He showed a quick first step, the ability to hit consistently from deep and played with a passion on both ends of the floor. Despite no one really knowing he was, Martinborough refused to back down from anyone and put himself on the map of a number of college coaches with his play on Sunday.


Raphael Terry | 6’1” WF | William Monroe HS

Raphael Terry

Talk about making a name for yourself, Terry was one of the biggest surprises at the event as he attacked the basket and finished above the rim on numerous occasions leaving coaches and spectators scratching their head as to who this kid was. The forward out of Charlottesville may only stand 6’1”, but he has ridiculous ups that he showed time and time again by blocking shots and throwing down huge dunks in traffic. He wasn’t the most skilled wing at the event, but he made an impact by playing with energy on both ends and making the most of his opportunities when he touched the ball. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a number of smaller schools making the trip to see Terry in Charlottesville this season, especially when they find out he’s an honor roll student sporting a 3.2 GPA.


Corey Pelham | 5’10” PG | Lake Braddock HS

Corey Pelham

Another kid that took made the best of his opportunities by playing his game, Pelham put a number of coaches onto the fact that he’s one of the most underrated shooters at the point guard position in the state. He showed deep range off the bounce, and his footwork in catch-and-shoot situations was superb. He has good form that looks the same each time, and has an effortless stroke with deep, deep range. He’s also a crafty ball handler that handled pressure well and kept his teammates involved throughout the camp. He’s sure to have a big senior season with the departure of star power forward James Butler to Navy, and there will likely be a number of coaches following him this year as well.


Halil Parks | 6’2” WG | Wakefield HS

Halil Parks

The first thing you see with Parks is his great size for a guard, as he’s a strong 6’2” wing that can play and guard multiple positions all over the floor. What impressed Sunday was his ability to get his own within the flow of the offense while not forcing much. While he can fill it up in bunches, he did so by moving well without the ball, running the floor and being in the right place at the right time. He has a great middle game, is strong enough to finish in the paint and can hit the three ball in transition. He’ll be a go-to guy for a Wakefield squad that’s losing two of their top scorers this season.


Alan Treakle | 5’11” PG | Wakefield HS

Alan Treakle

Parks’ backcourt mate was also a popular name being thrown around by coaches throughout the event as he showed he can create for others in an up-and-down style and not just in the very structured system at Wakefield. Treakle plays with a poise and understanding that you love to see out of a point guard, and while he’s relatively quiet on the court he leads by example with his tough attitude and ability to be a coach on the floor. He’s a good on ball defender that can guard the length of the court, and he has a nice middle game that includes a soft floater to keep defenses honest. Coaches that want an old school, pass-first point guard from a winning program will likely be all over Treakle as the season begins.


Kabir Shabazz | 6’6” PF | Huguenot HS
One of the most underrated bigs in the state, Shabazz should bring some much needed experience from a winning program to a young Huguenot team with a lot of talent. What he brings to the table is hard to miss, as he’s an athletic big that finishes above the rim and protects the paint defensively. He has huge hands that allow him to catch tough passes and hold onto rebounds in traffic, and he’s a strong big that can clear out space on box outs and finish through ticky-tack fouls. He’ll have to continue to work on his post game since he won’t have as many catch and finish opportunities this year, but if you’re a coach looking for an athletic big that holds it down in the paint he’s definitely worth a look.