Posted On: 09/14/16 1:02 PM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo held by Vantage Hoops at Randolph Macon last Sunday was a huge success with over 200 prospects and 35 college coaches in attendance. With such a large group of talented players it’s hard to figure out where to get started with breaking down the event, but we’ll start with naming our All Expo Second Team, chosen as a collaboration from the Vantage Hoops staff and the coaches from the event.


Greg “Alden” Parham | 6’2” PG | Monacan HS 2017

Greg Parham

Parham has been a popular name among college coaches at all levels over the past season, and he came out to prove that he can play with the best of them at the Top 250 Expo. He’s a tall point guard with a great feel and the ability to create his own shot at all three levels. He had a knee injury two seasons ago, and while he played well enough to be named 4A Player of the Year, he showed some impressive athleticism at camp as he threw down a number of two handed dunks we didn’t know he had in the bag. He showed the ability to lead his team, play on or off the ball and was deadly from deep. If he can fill out and show a little bit more toughness Parham has a chance to earn a scholarship before his senior season is over.

Isaiah Anderson | 6’7” PF | Benedictine 2018

Isaiah Anderson

Anderson was the loudest guy in the gym, bringing energy to his team and challenging players on the other teams with friendly trash talk and encouraging words when plays were made. However, when it came time to play he brought it in a big way. The two sport star who starts at quarterback for Benedictine showed his array of skills as he hit shots from all three levels, rebounded on both ends, showed intensity when needed and had a number of highlight reel dunks and blocks. It’s unclear whether or not he’s going to play football or basketball at the next level, but with his raw talent and athleticism he’s perfect for a group that likes to get up and down and play with energy.

Nick Price | 6’1” PG | Northside HS 2018

Nick Price

He’s shown out time and time again at Vantage Hoops events, and this time it was no different. Price is a high IQ player with quick feet and quick hands that he uses defensively to cause problems for opposing ball handlers as he straps up full court. Offensively he’s a drive-and-kick point guard with a quick first step and blow by speed, but he’s also strong enough in his upper body to be able to finish at the rim over bigger players. The biggest improvement in his game however is his consistency on his jump shot, which he’s fixed over the summer with countless reps with better form. With the departure of star senior Kendrick Tucker, Price will have a chance to show that he can take Northside back to VCU with him leading the way.

Chris Rogers | 5’11” PG | East Rockingham HS 2018

Chris Rogers

Rogers was one of the most enthusiastic players at the camp, and he proved that his big summer with Spectrum was no fluke. While he’s a tad on the small side, he uses his high basketball IQ on both ends of the floor to stay one step ahead of his opponent. He’s deceptively quick, sees the floor in transition, and created for himself and teammates in the halfcourt as well, which made his teammates love to play with him. He shot the ball pretty well in game play, and he busted his tail in stations showing his tremendous work ethic. He plays in a smaller market, but coaches are starting to take note with his steady play against top competition recently.

Joe Davis III | 6’1” WG | Battlefield HS 2017

Joe Davis

They say play to your strengths at exposure events, and that’s exactly what Davis did as he was one of the top scorers throughout the event. A quick and strong wing, he continually put pressure on the defense by aggressively looking for his shot and showing a wide variety of scoring moves from each level. He used his athleticism at the basket as he contorted his body to finish around bigger players, shot it well off of the catch and didn’t force things as he got most of his points within the flow of the game. He’s not the biggest guy at his position, but almost every coach in attendance was impressed with his ability to put the ball in the basket regardless of who was guarding him.

Leland Richardson | 6’5” F | Heritage HS (NN) 2017

Leland Richardson

Keeping him off the first team was difficult as Richardson was one of the most consistent performers from start to finish throughout the camp Sunday. It’s hard to project what position he’ll play at the next level, but he has great size and athleticism to be able to play and guard both forward positions now. He has a strong upper body that allows him to finish through contact, and his athleticism allows him to rebound at his position. He showed the ability to knock down the deep ball, and if he continues to improve his handle on the perimeter and shows he can be the go-to guy this season for Heritage his recruitment should continue to pick up.

Henry Coleman III | 6’6” F | Benedictine 2020

Henry Coleman

One of the youngest players at the camp, Coleman didn’t shy away from the competition as he went smack at the older players and got the best of many of them. A long and athletic wing for his age, Coleman can play both in the post and on the perimeter, and his high motor allowed him to make plays on both ends and made him an impact even when he didn’t have the ball in his hands. He showed that he can switch and defend guards on the perimeter, protect the paint and showed a great IQ at such a young age. He’ll have a chance to start for Benedictine as a freshman, and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see him as one of the top freshmen in the Richmond area this year.

Mike Christmas | 6’5” WF | Landstown HS 2019

Michael Christmas, Vantage Hoops

Christmas has spent the summer working on his perimeter skill set, and once he got to attacking the rim and offensive glass he found himself in a rhythm and was able to show his improvements in many ways. He pushed the basketball in transition, kept plays alive on the offensive glass and his jump shot continues to be a consistent weapon for him in half court sets. He showed great intangibles, as he challenged players in stations to work harder and was very open to receiving coaching and instruction, which he then used in the game. With his superior fundamentals and never ending work ethic, Christmas should continue to grow his perimeter skill set on both sides of the ball and will be even more productive than he was last season, when he was one of the best freshmen in the state for Landstown.

Kenneth Southerland | 6’6” PF | Varina HS 2017

Kenneth Southerland

A camp monster, Southerland’s athleticism for his size make it very hard to contain him in a fast paced, up-and-down game where he can run the floor and finish above the rim. He has that “dunk everything” mentality when he’s in the paint, and defensively he’s a rim protector that alters shots and is always in the mind of opponents when they’re in the lane. He’s been working on his perimeter jump shot, which doesn’t look bad although it’s inconsistent, but his motor and ability to finish plays above the rim are his biggest assets because they brings energy to his team. He may need a prep season since he was a late bloomer, but Southerland’s highlight reel ability put him on the map for a number of coaches this weekend.

Jaylen Dillard | 6’2” WG | LC Bird HS 2017

Jaylen Dillard


They say if you can shoot you can play anywhere, and that’s what Dillard brings to the table every time he steps on the floor. He isn’t the biggest or most athletic, but he’s a knock down shooter that provides scoring in bunches when he gets it going. He stayed shot ready Sunday, moved well without the basketball and showed a quick release that didn’t need much space to get his shot off. He needs to tighten up his handle moving forward, but he showed that he can create his own shot when he’s on the wing, and he creates a lot of spacing for attacking guards with his deep range off the catch. He’s been a popular target for division three schools that hope he’ll slip through the cracks, but if he continues to play the way he did throughout the summer it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a scholarship come from a school in need of shooting.