Top 250 Expo: Top Guards in Skill Sessions

High School

Posted On: 09/28/16 5:04 PM

The Skill Sessions of the Sioux Falls Top 250 Prep Hoops Expo is where we got a look at what each of the talents was made of in terms of skills and work ethic. Here are the lead guards that stood out.

Dillon Barrow (SF Lincoln, 6-2, 2018). Stronger and taller than the rest of the lead guards but his burst out of the dribble separation is as good as that of anybody. Loved the way he passed the ball in the halfcourt work.

Tyler Feldkamp (SF Roosevelt, 5-11, 2021). The first skill we noticed from Tyler was his incredibly deep defensive stance and explosive lateral steps. His jumpshot looks very clean and he does a great job of releasing at the top of his bounce.

Nick Feldman (Harrisburg, 5-11, 2019). One of the best step-back jumpers we saw and then showed in the skill drills that his jumper can be hit with feet set and on the move.

Alex Fiegen (SF Roosevelt, 6-2, 2017). Was fine in the skill drills but when the group started the no-pass halfcourt stuff and the physical half court 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 stuff Alex fantastic. His physical attack using a shoulder to separate and then makes plays led to more scores than just about any other play at the Expo.

Jamison Helmers (Okoboji, 5-8, 2020). One of the cleanest freshman I’ve seen skill wise. The jumper has excellent form and he covered a load of space with each dribble pushing ahead. Excellent passer wasting no time with each zip.

Nick Hoyt (Harrisburg, 5-10, 2019). Some of the best handles at the event and he gets in and out of his separation moves very quickly. Has a ton of control with ball with deep handles.

Wil Johnson (Harrisburg, 5-11, 2017). Wil’s burst out of each dribble attack move is so tough to move laterally with. Johnson looked so crisp with the separation moves, the pull-ups, and his ball movement in the no-dribble halfcourt play was outstanding.

Ryan Kerr (Park Christian, 5-11, 2019). In the shooting drills he had one of the best forms, highest percent of makes, and best releases. One of the most consistent shooters throughout the skill stuff.

Kyler Meyer (Britton-Hecla, 5-9, 2019). Another lead guard with impressive handles but what makes Kyler tougher to deal with is his quickness in and out of each move. Very slippery and in control of the ball.

Cody Robertson (Grand Forks Red River, 5-8, 2017). Robertson is loved because he can really change a game the way he plays with his hair on fire. In the skill work Robertson was solid showing he does a good job of controlling the ball.

Mark Toe (Grand Forks Red River, 5-9, 2017). Mark’s ability to finish equally as well on either side of the rim was quickly noted especially bouncing to the rim on the move in the halfcourt work. His jumper looks so much better and the lateral explosiveness is at it’s peak.

Nathan Wheeler (SF O’Gorman, 5-6, 2020). One of the deepest crossovers we saw and he’s able to shift from space to space quickly to make plays. Very skilled at a young age.