Posted On: 09/26/16 6:51 PM

PHD kicks off the first of many articles this week detailing the standouts from the Top 250 Expo in Sioux Falls. The Top Ten Standouts and MVP is up first.

d-barrowNoah Freidel (6-3, SF, 2019, Tea Area). Noah played like he could be an MVP this winter already. He went at other top wings taking on the challenge and maybe he gave up a basket but he always got it back with his deep range, his one dribble into space and lift into soft touch makes, and his ability to finish. There is a confidence and a consistency there that few have. He also did this in the drills and 3 on 3 competitions. An MVP day for sure.

Dillon Barrow (6-2, PG, 2018, SF Lincoln).  The well built Lincoln guard was able to get middle against talented guards consistently and once middle he used his strong frame to stay balanced and kick out for open looks or he finished at the rim. He’s too strong of a guard for others to deal with and he’s just as agile, if not more. Also had a game winning assist in overtime of the final game.

Alex Fiegen (6-2, PF, 2017, SF Roosevelt). A serious MVP candidate Alex was tremendous. His play Saturday has us thinking he’s going to have a tremendous senior season. He was vocal in command with a new group of guys but they followed like they had known him for years. Fiegen was able to score consistently but did it in an efficient way.

Diang Gatluak (6-5, SF, 2018, SF Lincoln). As a prospect few caught our attention more than Diang did. He’s grown both in height and length, looks like he has more core strength meaning he was able to attack and complete on balance, and Gatlauk is quite skilled facing the rim with touch and a nice step or two to the rim.

w-johnsonWil Johnson (5-11, PG, 2017, Harrisburg). Wil was outstanding all day. Was able to rip other guards or at the minimum force them into bad initial passes, and then run a flawless fast break about nine times out of ten. Type of lead guard that put the ball in the hands of his teammates in good positions to get good shots regularly.

Joshua Kihle (6-8, PF/C, 2018, Burke County). Josh was fabulous in the skill work and the halfcourt 3on3, and 4on4 games. Not only did he get great position to catch and muscle touch shots in, but he moved off the ball very well showing more athleticism than we knew he had. The games got long and he wasn’t able to control them as much but he was dominating halfcourt stuff and held his own to get leading numbers in the full runs.

Mitchell Larson (6-3, SF, 2019, Fargo Davies). The memorable moment from Larson was his game winning three in one of the games but Larson hit shots going right, and going left and he did it near the rim. His dribble separation with either hand was what grabbed our attention.

Trevor Olson (6-4, SG, 2018, Sioux Valley). Remember when Olson was just considered a lefty shooter who could just burry shots? We have moved way past that now. Olson has grown, is very aggressive and tough going at the cup, and his dribble separation into attempts has really progressed. Trevor is surely putting the work in.

t-olsonJordan Polynice (6-5, SG, 2018, GF Red River). Without a doubt the most versatile player there. Jordan was maybe the hardest perimeter defender to get a shot off over and his length was pesky. He boarded well, shot the ball well with feet set and on the move, led the break and made the right passes, and played some in the post where he finished. Did some of everything. Or maybe a lot of everything.

Steele Senske (6-4, SF, 2018, Park Christian, MN). The first guy that anybody noticed walking into the gym because he was doing casual windmill dunks with a very long 6-foot-4 frame. Then he grabbed attention with heavy efforts on the defensive end complete with good outlets and a floor run. His shooting touch is difficult to defend because he has a high release and great form. And he can attack and extend to finish.

Mark Toe (5-9, PG, 2017, GF Red River). The North Dakota surprise of the day because Mark has really grown as both a finisher at the cup with either hand, and his pull-up jumpers looks really nice. Still one of the best on-ball defenders you will see but Mark is also an offensive threat now and that is why college coaches wanted to talk to him after the games.