PrepHoopsIllinois Top 250 Expo: 2017 Standouts Part 2


Posted On: 09/27/16 3:00 PM

The PrepHoopsIllinois Top 250 Expo featured a quality group of 2017 prospects.  They were able to showcase their abilities in front of scouts and college coaches in attendance.  Here is part 2 of our look at the 2017 prospects at the event.


PG Calvin Hill (Kenwood – 2017)

The Kenwood 5’10” point guard made huge strides in his game over the summer.  He continued that momentum at the Top 250 Expo playing with confidence and poise at the lead guard position.  Hill has an improved feel for the game being able to handle the ball well in the open floor while getting others involved.  Best as a scorer with his pull up mid-range jumper.  Needs to be a priority D3/NAIA target!


SG Drake Jeffries (Mattoon – 2017)

The southern Illinois wing is a long and lanky 6’4” guard with some projectability.  Like how smooth he handles the ball and can get where he needs on the floor.  Solid shooter.  Potential defensively with lateral quickness and length.  Excels in the open floor working in space.  D3/NAIA kid.


PG Dimitri Alexopoulos (Loyola – 2017)

Alexopoulos is a point guard that has a strong body at 5’7”.  I liked what he did shooting the ball from both mid-range and three.  Was at his best on pull up jumpers.  Tough kid.  Worth a look at the D3/NAIA level.


SF Jose Grubbs (Joliet Central – 2017)

Grubbs is one of my favorite prospects in the class of 2017.  He is a tough and versatile 6’3” wing that plays with a never ending motor on both ends of the floor.  Has lock down type potential on the defensive end.  Offensively attacks the hoop off the bounce and flies around grabbing loose balls and offensive rebounds.  Great D3/NAIA prospect that could be worth consideration as a glue guy at the D2 level.


SF Christian Hamil (Evanston – 2017)

Hamil is a 6’4” small forward that has a strong and physical body.  He is super tough and very athletic.  Made plays finishing in the open floor and has potential defensively.  D3/NAIA prospect.


SG John Contant (Stagg – 2017)

The 6’3” shooting guard plays with a consistent motor and always has his head up looking to make a play.  Solid perimeter shooter that has improved his handles over the last year mixing in some runners/floaters in the lane.  Priority D3/NAIA kid.


PF Cameron Gross (OPRF – 2017)

Gross was one of the better post prospects from the senior class in attendance.  The 6’5” power forward has a strong frame, but is also fairly mobile for his size.  Moves well laterally.  Active rebounder that gets on the glass with quickness.  Has potential as a low post scorer.  D2 prospect.


SF Dylan Kaczmarek (Downers Grove South – 2017)

Kaczmarek is a versatile 6’3” wing that does a little bit of everything.  Even in a camp setting showed well on the defensive end.  Length plays well getting in passing lanes and getting into the opposing wing making it uncomfortable for them to operate.  Offensively has the ability to slash and can hit a jumper.  Quality D3/NAIA prospect that will be an impact guy at that level.


SG Malcolm Townsel (Evanston – 2017)

Townsel recently transferred to Evanston after playing at Whitney Young for most of his career.  The 6’4” wing is slippery through traffic.  Knows how to take angles to get to the basket and slide by defenders.  Townsel is a productive prospect that doesn’t necessarily get the recognition that he probably deserves.  Would be a high level D3/NAIA player.