Posted On: 09/29/16 11:16 PM

This past weekend, the Prep Hoops Indiana Top 250 Expo took place up in Westfield, Indiana at the Jonathan Byrd’s Fieldhouse. Now, we are trying to break down what we saw. The following is a look at some of the best athletes we saw in the morning session of 2017 and 2018 prospects.

Jonquell Dawson (6’7 – 2018 – Gary Lighthouse). Dawson is exactly like I saw him this past winter, long and bouncy.  He’s got loads of raw potential and a lot of that stems from this athletic ability.  Has a quick bounce and even a second jump to go along with his huge vertical.  Might be a guy that has to do a post-grad year or two but one worth tracking.

Darian Porch (6’5 – 2018 – Indianapolis Pike). Porch is one of the better athletes in the state, regardless.  He’s got such a quick jump and his mobility is fantastic.  He’s going to be a guy that adds skill quickly because of it.  He’s also a guy that, even though he is only 6’5, is going to play taller because of that vertical and length.

Kyle Finch (6’5 – 2017 – Ben Davis). Finch is a physical specimen.  Tough, physical forward that has some quickness to him, like a runaway freight train.  He showed his vertical as well this weekend and a little promise too.  He’s really picked up his game in the last year and the body has come along with it.  Didn’t think he would get to this point 12 months ago.

Caleb Coleman (6’6 – 2017 – Hammond). Coleman is just a crazy athlete.  He’s a guy that likes to finish above the rim and had many shot block attempts this weekend in transition.  Love him as a wing that can really explode off the floor even in the halfcourt.  Tough customer to stop on the offensive end if he sees a hole.

Cortney Shorter (6’3 – 2018 – Fort Wayne South). Shorter was another one that really has made a ton of progress in the last year.  Really didn’t think he would come along this far.  Decent vertical but his athletic ability stems more from his speed and lateral movement.  He sidesteps defenders really well and slashes through the lane with ease.