Posted On: 09/29/16 11:16 PM

This past weekend, the Prep Hoops Indiana Top 250 Expo took place up in Westfield, Indiana at the Jonathan Byrd’s Fieldhouse. Now, we are trying to break down what we saw. The following is our Top 10 Prospects from the Top 250 Expo including MVP for the morning session with the 2017 and 2018 prospects.

Top 10 Performers (No Order):

Christian Harvey (6’0 – 2018 – Richmond)
Caleb Middlesworth (6’8 – 2018 – Oak Hill)
Cortney Shorter (6’3 – 2018 – Fort Wayne South)
Trenton Miller (6’3 – 2018 – Pendleton Heights)
Parker Manges (6’2 – 2018 – Homestead)
Javien Langley (6’5 – 2017 – Evansville Bosse)
Kyle Finch (6’5 – 2017 – Ben Davis)
Conner Brens (6’6 – 2017 – Plainfield)
Asher Blum (6’7 – 2018 – Warsaw)
Jordan Bechtold (5’10 – 2017 – Columbia City)

MVP: Christian Harvey

This was a much tougher decision than the morning session.  Really, we like Middlesworth, Manges, and Harvey as our top three and really you could make an argument for any of them.  The reason Harvey was the choice was what the upside looks like.  He’s a name not many knew and not many watched but he proved this weekend that he’s going to be a high-end player in this 2018 class.  He was so, so aggressive and the fact that he purposely tried to get people to foul him, almost so he could finish the play, was what really stood out.  The kid has some skill and that, along with the aggressive mindset, is why he was the best player we saw on Saturday.  Still, give props to Middlesworth and Manges because they were also excellent on the day.