PHI Top 250 Expo: Top Underclassmen Guards

High School

Posted On: 09/26/16 11:41 PM

This past weekend, the Prep Hoops Indiana Top 250 Expo took place up in Westfield, Indiana at the Jonathan Byrd’s Fieldhouse. Now, we are trying to break down what we saw. The following is a look at some of the best guards we saw in the morning session of 2019 and 2020 prospects.

Christian Jones (6’0 – 2019 – Pendleton Heights). Jones was pretty solid all during the morning session. The skills portion was just a setup for his play during the games. He did a great job attacking off the bounce and getting into the lane.

Brennan Neal (6’3 – 2019 – Whiteland). Neal has continued his solid play into our fall camp. Was good scoring the ball and shows promise with a big frame that isn’t filled out yet. Proved why he was one of the more underrated scorers in the state.

Anthony Leal (6’3 – 2020 – Bloomington South). Leal has now put back-to-back performances together at our camps. Quite possibly the best shooter in the class and definitely the shooter with the most upside. Tall frame gives him lots of possibilities.

Luke Heady (6’0 – 2019 – Carmel). Luke looks and plays like a coaches son. Not only that, he’s about as steady as they come. Never looked rattled and hit a couple nice jumpers and got into it on defense. Love his game for his age.

Edreece Redmond III (5’10 – 2020 – Bishop Chatard). Redmond continues to be a guy that just knows how to play the point. Has great speed with the ball and while on the shorter side, he’s got some athleticism and length. One of the best guards in the class.

Calvin Larkin (6’1 – 2019 – Winamac) Larkin is a two-guard in the making. Really good off the bounce and finishes at a high rate near the rim. Really liked his aggressiveness on counter attacks.

Cameron Leichty (5’11 – 2020 – Bethesda Christian). Cameron is a guy that showed he can make a shot this weekend. Still on the smaller side right now but looks like he is going to grow a bit. Loved his confidence.

Ethan BrittainWatts (6’2 – 2019 – Culver Acadamies). Ethan is probably overlooked but for his age, he’s one of the more rounded guards you are going to come by. Long, tough, and smooth in the lane, Watts showed all of it this weekend.