Ohio Top 250 Expo: Top 15 Stock Risers

High School

Posted On: 09/13/16 7:40 PM

Fall exposure events are a perfect time for prospects to give a preview to college coaches and scouts before the high school season begins. There are prospects that are already well known coming into events, and then there are those who make a name for themselves by grinding during the skills sessions and then doing all the little things right to gain attention and improve their stock. Here are the top 15 stock risers from Prep Hoops Ohio’s Top 250 Expo:



15.) Myles Martinez (2019) – 6’6 – Power Forward – Centennial High School


14.) Bailey Francis (2019) – 6’4 – Shooting Guard/Small Forward – Liberty Union


13.) Anthony Tyree (2017) – 6’4 – Small Forward – Grove City


12.) Braden Galaska (2019) – 6’0 – Shooting Guard/Point Guard – Olmsted Falls


11.) Cameron Schroeder (2018) – 6’6 – Power Forward – Westerville Central


10.) Jaiden Limpscomb (2019) – 5’10 – Point Guard – Pickerington Central

Limpscomb battled with all the other talented point guards that were in attendance, but was a bit more efficient than others, making him a very promising point guards in the class of 2019. Not only was Limpscomb consistent, but he was patient and didn’t force his shot as well.


9.) Jason Ellis (2017) – 6’0 – Shooting Guard – Marion Harding

Ellis is a guard who made all the right decisions during the expo. He has a silky smooth jump shot, and knows how to move without the ball to create the space he needs to get his shot off.


8.) Sarrick Sampson (2018) – 6’4 – Power Forward/Center – Alliance High School

Despite only standing at 6’4, Sampson was a bully in the post no matter how tall the defender was. The Alliance junior has a quick spin move on the block that allows him to get past his defender and to the cylinder easily. The big man was able to run the floor with the guards, and even showed off some ball handling ability by the end of the event.


7.) Bryson Lane (2019) – 5’8 – Point Guard – Olentangy Orange

Lane was one of the most controlled point guards in the gym. He made an NBA-like fade-away in the lane with defenders swarming him that made the audience “oo” and “ah”. Lane should be considered one of the top point guards that attended on Sunday.


6.) Ezra Manjon (2019) – 5’8 – Point Guard – Gahanna Lincoln

A smooth guard that is only entering his sophomore year, Manjon is another one of the strong point guards that attended Prep Hoops Ohio’s Top 250 Expo. His performance truly gave his stock a boost and will be on college coaches’ lists heading into the 2016-2017 season.


5.) Dominick Volini (2017) – 6’4 – Small Forward/Power Forward – Bishop Ready High School

Volini is a bit undersized for his position, but is a true hustler on all ends of the court. He has a high basketball IQ, and did all the little things to help his team get the best possible shot on offense. The senior also did a good job running the floor and crashing the boards.


4.) Max Martz (2019) – 6’5 – Power Forward – Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington’s sophomore is coming off a strong AAU season, and showcased his versatility on Sunday. Martz can make a living in the mid-range area, but also showed that he can extend his jump shot a bit more. He has good length at 6’5 and can defend 2-guards through centers with his quick lateral movement and strength.


3.) Jordan Burton (2019) – 5’10 – Point Guard – Cardinal Stritch

Burton was stroking it from downtown and had stellar awareness to make him an intriguing prospect for the point guard position. Due to his shooting ability, he may even be able to play a strong 2-guard. Look to hear Burton’s name much more in the future.


2.) Delvon Stanford (2017) – 6’2 – Point Guard – Walnut Ridge

At 6’2 Stanford is a long point guard who is able to finish at the rim strong with both hands. He leads the fast-break well and is a bit flashy with his style, giving him a certain type of swagger that some of the players lacked.


  • P’hariz Watkins (2017) – 6’2 – Shooting Guard/Point Guard – Chaminade Julienne

Watkins was definitely the top stock riser, and made a case to be put into the top 10. The 6’2 guard brought a bundle of energy to the event and he didn’t seem to lose any of it as the day went on. Although he may not have been one of the prominent scorers at the expo, he showcased his playmaking and defensive skills. During the scrimmages period of the expo, Watkins took a hard charge on the middle court of the field house, and got right back up to head down to the other end of the court. Let’s face it, college coaches love a player who will put their body on the line.