Posted On: 09/15/16 3:03 PM

Third Team

Bryan Baptiste (Basha 2018) – Baptiste was arguably the fastest guard in attendance, as he’s arguably the fastest guard in just about any gym he steps into. What he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in strength and athleticism, looking like a running back while getting past defenders and into the lane at will. He consistently knocked down deep threes as well, and was a tough matchup for any defender guarding him.

Daniel “Miles” Allen (Corona Del Sol 2018) – Allen was the most active player at the camp, period. He is a long, strong framed athlete that goes after it both on the glass and on the defensive end, while being a real factor in the transition game, having the size to finish at the rim. Allen looks like a real sleeper to get quality minutes by the end of the season for a top-heavy Corona team that lacks depth and productive, athletic size.

“BJ” Bryant (NFL Yet 2019) – If this kid played at an AIA school, he would be one of the most mentioned names in Arizona’s 2019 class. To say he is athletic would be an understatement. While he plays basically position less, he effects the game in essentially every way. Not overly skilled, he is still proficiently skilled in enough different areas to be highly productive and efficient. He is simply a winning player.

Mason Stark (Marcos De Niza 2017) – Stark scored in bunches when he got rolling. He was playing along with other guards that are accustomed to having the ball in their hands, which seemed fairly new to him, yet when he hit a few shots, you saw his natural offensive aggression show itself. He is crafty and uses angles well to get to his spots, and he is a knockdown shooter.

Khalid Price (Mountain Pointe 2019) – Price is a small, but quick guard that competes on the defensive end and will steal the ball in an instant. On offense, he has improved his jump shot, making him a difficult cover for other small guards, as he blows past defenders when they close out tightly on him. While he has his struggles against length and older, more physical guards at times, this young guard should be one to watch in the 2019 class as he progresses and grows.

Honorable Mention

Brenden Van Dyke (Westview 2017) – Brenden is very long, and he contests just about every shot attempt inside of ten feet. He ran the floor well, often finishing above the rim. Van Dyke was very impressive on the defensive end, as he probably led the camp in blocks.

Terrance Hunter (Mountain Pointe 2018) – Terrance can score very efficiently from mid-range, which is a lost art in today’s game. He is smooth on offense, and a long defender that competed well and contributed on both ends of the floor.

Diego Diaz-Colwell (Corona Del Sol 2018) – Diego has added to his game in recent months, as he showed an improved ability to get to the rim and finish, to go with his perimeter shooting. Another possible floor spacer for Corona to open up lanes for Barcello and Lee.

Za-Ontay Boothman (Buckeye 2019) – Boothman is an offensive weapon, as he showed the ability to create, and hit, perimeter shots as well as getting to the basket. Boothman has decent size for a guard his age, and will have plenty of opportunity to grow through the mistakes every young player makes.

Ryan Pate (Mountain Pointe 2018) – Ryan showed more of an ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket. Already a very capable shooter, he may provide some much needed space for the athletes Mountain Pointe has.