Posted On: 07/26/16 8:46 PM

Middletown Madison High School, and even the Southwestern Buckeye League as a whole, is welcoming a stud of a freshman next season in Grant Whisman (2020).

The 14 year-old 6’4” wing defines himself as “a scorer or shooter,” but Madison Head Coach Jeff Smith is more excited about his work ethic.

“Number one is his work ethic … He’s got a good skillset and a big, strong work ethic. Big heart as far as trying to get better,” Smith said.

Coach Smith continued, “We did a lot this summer … Clearly, pretty early in the summer, I think the other kids figured out that this is our best player. And I fortunately got the right kind of group, where it’s ‘Okay, he’s the best player, let’s roll with it.’”


Whisman said that he’s been excited to play high school ball for some time. To prepare himself, he’s been doing mostly skill work, including old-school shooting around in the driveway. Whisman also has been training with multiple trainers and coaches, to sure up his ball-handling and add speed.

Currently, the incoming freshman has legitimate height to package alongside perimeter skills. Whisman told PHO that he’s most effective on the drive and spotting up.

How does the Coach Smith plan on using his talent?

“He’s going to be inside-outside … He could play with his back to the basket, but we’re going to use him every where. He’s got a good low-post game, but yet he can step away from the basket and handle the ball. So, he’ll be big part of the offense in a variety of ways.”

What is clear is that Whisman is going to be a featured member of the Middletown Madison offensive attack going forward. His family and coaches provide a solid foundation, promoting academics and staying humble throughout his high school career and beyond.

This summer, Whisman had a stint playing up in the All-Ohio program, and said he would like to return with that same team next season.


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