Posted On: 07/30/16 12:00 PM

What a spring and summer for the class of 2018. The Iowa Barnstormers were the most successful Iowa squad in recent history, representing the state exceptionally well, and finishing ranked 8th nationally in the final poll. They received two First Team nods. Martin Brothers have put together a very nice group of 2018s, and should be one of the best in the Midwest next summer. Iowa Intensity and Iowa Dynasty were the surprise teams of the summer — both chock-full of once-hidden gems. 


First Team

AJ Green, Iowa Barnstormers

Zaine Leedom, Iowa Intensity

Hunter Strait, Team Iowa Blue

Joe Wieskamp, Iowa Barnstormers

Van Rees, Martin Brothers


Second Team

Matthew Mims, Martin Brothers

Luke Vaske, Martin Brothers

Camden Vander Zwaag, Kingdom Hoops Elite

Elijah Hazekamp, Iowa Barnstormers

Seybian Sims, Iowa Dynasty


Third Team

Garrett Sturtz, Iowa Intensity

Brady Sartorius, Iowa Barnstormers

Mitch Gehilng, Iowa Mavericks

John Herrick, Iowa Wolves/Pure Prep

Nathan Johnson, Kingdom Hoops Elite


Honorable Mention: Cade Moritz, Nathan Nelson, Keith Johnson, Marco Balderas, Joe Weber, Ryan Miller, Steve Borneman, Evan Flitz, Sam Ingoli, Carondis Harris-Anderson, Jackson Joens, Max Campbell, Nolan Ruff, Peter Timmerman, Luke Appel, Nate Mohr