Grand View Team Camp: Preview

High School

Posted On: 06/16/16 4:29 PM

Pool A: Dowling, DC-G, South Hamilton, Albia, Fort Dodge

DowlingThe Favorite: Dowling

With the departure of Ted Brown, Cole Scieszinski, Luke Eastman and others, this Maroon team will have somewhat of a new look next season. But that’s not all a bad thing. Joey Kern and Sam Ingoli make up one of the more sure backcourts in the state, and steady shooter Sam Olson joins them in a three guard starting lineup. Plus a bevy of big-men are available to help fill the void left by Brown — including our 31st-ranked 2018 Joseph Evans, and our 18th-rankled 2018 John Waggoner.

Top Players to Watch:

2018 Sam Ingoli, Dowling (3rd)

2018 John Waggoner, Dowling (18th)

2018 Joseph Evans, Dowling (31st)

2017 Joey Kern, Dowling (47th)

2018 Steve Borneman, DC-G (79th)

2017 Collin Hill, South Hamilton (14th)

2018 Marco Balderas, South Hamilton (66th)

2018 Malcolm Clayton, Fort Dodge (28th)

2018 Cade Crall, Albia (89th)



Pool B: Roosevelt, Grinnell, Pella Christian, Des Moines Christian, Ballard

DEsMoinesChristianThe Favorite: Des Moines Christian

We probably would have gone with Grinnell here, because they have one of the best trios in the state with Sam Allen, Zaine Leedom, and Cade McKnight. But McKnight recently injured himself, and has to sit out for the rest of the summer — that leaves a big void for the Tigers, a 6-foot-8 one to be exact. Des Moines Chritisan has maybe the best player in Pool B with 6-foot combo-guard Ben Juhl, and he has a great supporting cast of experienced guys returning — guys who made a run to the 2A state tournament in March. Six of the Lions’ eight leading scorers from last season are back.

Top Players to Watch:

2017 Sam Allen, Grinnell (17th)

2018 Zaine Leedom, Grinnell (20th)

2017 Levi Jungling, Pella Christian (23rd)

2017 Ben Juhl, Des Moines Christian (27th)

2018 Isaac Prewitt, Des Moines Christrian (81st)

2018 Nabil Musa, Roosevelt (72nd)

2017 Ethan Shafer, Roosevelt (110th)

2017 Max Stoltz, Ballard (169th in 2017)