Recruiting Report: Jack Smith (2017)

“In the last few weeks I’ve definitely talked to way more schools than I ever had. And I’m going to try and visit as many as I can before summer’s over. And hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll have a good solid base of schools that I can choose from.”

NHR State: 17U First Look

For as long as Northstar Hoops Report and Prep Hoops Network has been around there has been a State Tournament put on by the organization and this year is no different. Today we run through the 17U

Recruiting Report: Christian Depollar (2019)

“I thought it was a pretty good freshman year. They had me playing the three, and a little bit of the four. My biggest role was to try and be a scorer, but I also was there to help my teammates out, get rebounds, and just make the right plays and make my team better. I would say I did a pretty good job at that.”

Recruiting Report: Antonio Cockrell (2017)

At times, a point guard must use his ability to handle the ball to weave through defenders aggressively to make a play at the rim. This scenario occurs seemingly very easily for 2017 Landon (MD) PG Antonio Cockrell. The 5-9 point guard weaves through multiple double-teams and defenders in the paint to make a play out nothing on an off-balanced layup to finish off a transition play or to gain the ‘and-one’ opportunity.

Recruiting Report: Griffin Lutz (2017)

The 6-foot prospect was playing very well last season before an ankle injury and subsequent surgery forced him out in February. But with some Division I schools still keeping tabs on him, he’s eager for the summer months, and the chance to pick up some offers.

Grassroots Rankings Updated: May 31

With the break in grassroots play upon us, here are the final Spring rankings before we head into the summer. Plenty of teams have come in and out the rankings and in today’s world of roster fluctuation it is hard to judge on more than the now without discrediting the team’s complete body of work[…]

Updated 2018 Rankings: Biggest Risers

Like his aforementioned teammate at Xavier, Mims was absolutely instrumental in their state title run in March. And as the impressive and gritty floor general of that team, he was impressive enough o pick up his first offer, from North Dakota. He moved up to No. 11 from No. 18.

Week 9: Updated 16U Team Rankings

Heading into the state tournament NHR has updated the 16U team rankings. D1 Minnesota, the Heat, Crossfire, and Phenom all had 16U teams in Chicago, Pulley was in Atlanta.

Memorial Day Takeover Top Plays

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, MD — Memorial Day Takeover has come and gone, but not without some serious fireworks. Vantage Hoops was on hand to check out a full weekend of high level competition. Below is a video which highlights some of the top plays from the tournament.

Marcedus Leech talks Kansas visit (2019)

Explosive lefty wing Marcedus Leech (2019) is dropping by Kansas University today, after a huge weekend with St. Louis Eagles 16u. “It just came out of nowhere to be honest,” said Leech after hearing about the invitation.  “I was just excited for myself.  I am going to keep working.  That is how I got that[…]

Under the Radar Division I Oklahoma Prospects

Oklahoma has traditionally had many players with Division I talent go under recruited. With that said the 2017 Class has several players that are flying under the Radar to most Division I programs. Today, Prep Hoops highlights five players plus one out of state player that are flying under the radar.

Recruiting Report: Hunter Jones (2018)

“I’m a shooter, and I distribute more than anything pretty much. I like to play point guard so much, while everyone else is looking to score and get points, I’m looking to pass and dribble and just run the team. That’s one of my favorite things to do, is just run the team,” said Jones.

“I need to work on my aggressiveness. I think I can shoot just as good as anybody, but I think I’m too passive sometimes.”

Recruiting Report: Jake Eilers (2017)

“I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better as a shooter, and it’s shown this spring,” said Eilers. “I’ve been in the gym a lot shooting. And I’ve been working on putting the ball on the floor more, my mid-range, and attacking. I’ve been really trying to get teammates open with screens and find cutters, and really just my offense as a whole.”

Recruiting Report: Nicholas Carlson (2018)

The pick-and pop: it requires a player who is willing to set a sturdy screen for the ball handler, then catch and confidently knock down a jumper. The play was designed for a someone like Nicholas Carlson, a 6’4” sophomore forward from Dublin Coffman.

Recruiting Report: Terrance Lewis (2017)

Scan the list of rising senior forwards in the DMV area, and there aren’t many who can match the energy and intensity of Terrance Lewis. The versatile, 6-foot-6 forward out of National Christian Academy has been a standout on the grassroots circuit with Team Takeover Orange 17U. He has proved himself time and time again by producing at a high level against top competition this spring.