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Posted On: 02/6/16 1:52 AM

Each year the state is split between the East and the West side of the state. This year three teams from the West side of Class 6A have been sent East. With Saturday being the last day games count towards the seeding. Here are my thoughts on how I would seed the East and West side of the State. Comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Norman North
  2. Union
  3. Putnam City North
  4. Owasso
  5. Sapulpa
  6. Sand Springs
  7. Booker T. Washington
  8. Edmond Santa Fe
  9. Muskogee
  10. Jenks
  11. Bartlesville
  12. Bixby
  13. Broken Arrow
  14. Enid
  15. Ponca City
  16. Stillwater

The top four seeds host regionals to open up the playoffs. I doubt many disagree with the teams I have hosting, but some may have Owasso ahead of Putnam City North. It was very close both teams are pretty even.

Owasso has one win over a top ten team in Class 6A, Putnam City North has two. What sold me was the tougher schedule Putnam City North has played. If Owasso comes out as the three seed I would have no complaints. The Rams have had an outstanding season.

I have Edmond Santa Fe seeded as the 8th seed, which might surprise some. It isn’t because of Edmond Santa Fe, but due to Sapulpa andSand Springs excellent seasons. Booker T. Washington hasn’t had the best season, but they own a win against the Wolves head to head. When you look at the four teams record against top ten teams the picture gets clearer. Sapulpa is 3-1, Booker T. Washington is 3-3, Sand Springs is 1-3 and Edmond Santa Fe is 1-5.

Sand Springs, Edmond Santa Fe, and Booker T. Washington can be argued for the 6th spot, but the 5th spot should go to Sapulpa. Sand Springs moves up to the 6th spot over Booker T. Washington with a better overall record, better record against top 20 teams, and they have a better record than Booker T. Washington against Class 6A teams. Booker T. Washington is ahead of Edmond Santa Fe with a head-to-head victory over the Wolves.

It gets tricky with the four teams from 5-8 because Edmond Santa Fe clearly had had the toughest schedule, but I am a big believer of honoring head-to-head games and I think Sapulpa and Sand Springs should be rewarded for their success this season. Edmond Santa Fe has been so close in many games, but has struggled getting over the hump.


  1. Edmond North
  2. Midwest City
  3. Putnam City West
  4. Mustang
  5. Edmond Memorial
  6. Westmoore
  7. Deer Creek
  8. Putnam City
  9. Yukon
  10. Southmoore
  11. Lawton
  12. Choctaw
  13. Capitol Hill
  14. Moore
  15. Norman
  16. US Grant


The top four seeds on the West were pretty easy. Edmond North is undefeated and the clear #1. Midwest City has been outstanding with a record of 8-1 against top ten opponents. Putnam City West only two losses in Oklahoma were against Putnam City North and they beat them the last time they played. Last but not least Mustang compared to last seasons record has had a tough year, but they have played the toughest schedule hands down traveling out of state three times.

5-8 is not too tricky on the West with Edmond Memorial having beat Westmoore and Deer Creek. Yes, Edmond Memorial lost to Deer Creek by two, but they avenged the loss with a 71-45 beat down of Deer Creek on Friday night. For the 6th spot Westmoore has two wins over Deer Creek.

The rest was not to difficult on the West side. I think once you get past #9 the talent level really falls off. I could see any of the teams seeded 5-9 pulling off an upset somewhere along in the playoffs.

Comment below with your thoughts of my seedings. If you agree or disagree let me know what on and why!

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