Posted On: 01/26/16 2:36 PM

RankTeamRecordW's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1SF Roosevelt17-5OG (x3), BV (x3), Harrisburg, RCS, AC, Mitchell, YanktonSFW (x2), Huron, RCC, Yankton3
2Yankton20-4OG, AC, SFR, Mitchell, RCCBV, SFW, Harrisburg2
3SF O'Gorman17-7SFC, SFL, RCC, RCS, AC, STM, SFW, Mitchell, SFW (x2), HarrisbugSFR (x3), Yankton, Tea, BV, Harrisburg4
4SF Washington17-4SFR (x2), Yankton, Harrisburg, BV, Tea, Mitchell, AC (x2)SFOG (x3), Yankton1
5Harrisburg17-7RCC, Yankton, SFOG, AC, MitchellSFW, SFR, Mitchell, BV, SFC, AC, SFOG6
6Brandon Valley16-8Yankton, SFOG, AC, Harrisburg, RCC, MitchellSFL, SFR (x3), Mitchell, SFW, AC7
7Mitchell15-9RCC, SFL, BV, Harrisburg, ACSFC, Pierre, SFR, SFOG, Yankton, SFW, Yank, BV, Harrisburg5
8Aberdeen Central13-11RCC (x2), SFL, BV, HarrisburgRCS, Yankton, Tea, BV, SFOG, SFR (x2), Watertown, Harrisburg, Mitchell, SFW8
9Watertown8-13RCC, RCS, ACSFW, Yankton, SFR, SFOG, BV (x2), Mitchell (x2), Harrisburg, BV9
10Rapid City Central11-9Huron, SFRMitchell, AC (x2), SFOG, Harrisburg, Watertown, RCS, Yankton, BV10


  • I would say about eight of the teams that are ranked deserve a ranking while the other two are just the “best” of a struggling bunch of nine
  • The struggles of Yankton have become so real that Brandon Valley has moved into their spot as they beat them earlier in the year and they now have similar records. Brandon Valley lost all games last week, and is now “ranked”. Go figure.
  • Roosevelt moves ahead of Stevens after grabbing some revenge for the loss earlier in the year
  • Washington finally grabbed their first big South Dakota win of the year when they beat Watertown. We pushed them over Central because Central doesn’t have a big win yet and they lost to Watertown while Washington beat them (although vice versa goes for Yankton against the same two teams but we are going to give the Warriors the edge cause of the big victory).
  • Even though Watertown lost, we are keeping them at number one. We don’t see a better option now as Washington doesn’t have the resume for number one, our number two Huron has lost to Watertown twice, and Pierre’s loss to one win Harrisburg is by far the worst loss of any top ranked team. With results and resumes being so close we are staying with Watertown at one.
  • Roosevelt is at Watertown tonight in the biggest Class AA game of the evening. Roosevelt also has O’Gorman on Thursday. Pierre is at Aberdeen Central on Friday giving Central a chance to grab a resume building win.




RankTeamRecord W's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1Sioux Falls Christian20-5Lennox, WC, STM, DR (x2), Mitchell, Madison, Tea,Harrisburg, Vermillion, SVSFOG, Vermillion, SV, Flandreau4
2St. Thomas More21-3Douglas, Tea, DR, Madison, Chamberlain, VermillionSFC (x2), SFOG5
3Vermillion23-2TV, Tea, VH, SFC, WC, DR, DV, Madison, Flandreau, WinnerDR, STM1
4Sioux Valley23-2CWL, Sisseton, Tea, DeSmet, Parker, Flandreau, SFC, Chamberlain, DVDV, SFC3
5Dakota Valley22-3Tea (x2), WC, SV, MP, DR (x2), WinnerSFC, Vermillion, SV2
6Dell Rapids16-6Tea, DRSM, WC (x2), Madison, RCC, VermillionSFC (x2), Vermillion, Flandreau, DV (x2), STM7
7Chamberlain18-6Flandreau, TZ, VH, PC. MP, Madison, PG, WinnerWinner, Hanson, Lyman, WC, STM, SV9
8Winner20-5LX, Chamberlain, PG, MP (x2)WC, White River, Vermillion, Chamberlain, DV6
9Tea Area14-8Madison, SFOG, AC, WCDV (x2), DR, SV, Vermillion, STM, SFC, SFW8
10Mobridge-Pollock15-6PC, GA, EllendaleDV, TZ. Chamberlain, Winner (x2), LB10



  • Remember when Class A seemed so simple? Then SF Christian dropped two in a week and now Sioux Valley has dropped two in a week. Both faced very high level of competition including Sioux Valley losing to one of the best teams from Minnesota as well as Chester Area. They fall out of the top spot giving way to the only undefeated in Class A, Dakota Valley.
  • Dakota Valley has a decent record of local wins and an impressive mark against teams outside of the state as well.
  • Where to do we push Red Cloud to? Very tough question to answer. They have only lost a single game (outstate team) and have played well but they don’t have a comparable schedule to others so it’s tough guess as it seems like others have a tougher slate. Right now we leave behind the others with a mind set to watch about them moving up.
  • Thomas More continues to climb while Madison’s steam is wearing out falling to ten
  • We added Spearfish and Tea Area. Spearfish dropped early games but has turned things around with some impressive wins and Tea is a four loss squad we added because they have faced one of the toughest schedules around.
  • Tonight SF Christian faces Tea Area and St Thomas More is against Spearfish in two big Class A showdowns of top ten teams. Chamberlain vs Madison is another quality contest this evening.




RankTeamRecordW's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1DeSmet25-1CWL, DR-SM, VH (x2), Arlington, Howard, Canistota, PG, ELB, Flan, WW, WR, ACSV1
2Aberdeen Christian20-5Hanson, PC, WSS (x2), W/S, LA, DRSM, WRWarner, Ipswich, Howard, VH, PG, DeSmet8
3Dell Rapids- St. Mary19-4WR (x2), Chester, ELB (x2), Howard, Hansonm VHDeSmet, DR, ELB, Canisota, AC3
4White River19-6PG, Winner, Lyman, Canistota, LBTZ, Howard, DR-SM (x2), Canistota, De Smet7
5Canistota22-4BE (x2), ELB, FA, Hanson, WR, Parker, DRSM, Howard, WS, LBDeSmet, VH, AC, WR2
6Elkton-Lake Benton18-5LA, DR-SM, HowardCanistota, DR-SM (x2), Howard, De Smet4
7Howard18-4Chester, WR, BE, AC, ELB, PG, VGDeSmet, DRSM, Canistota, ELB5
8Viborg-Hurley18-7BE, Hanson, Canistota, AC, LymanDeSmet (x2), Vermillion, Chamberlain, Howard, Madison, DMSM 6
9Platte-Geddes16-6SissetonDeSmet, WR, Chamberlain, Howard, Winner, AC9
10Lower Brule17-9FA, WS, MP, PC, LymanTZ, WR, Winner, WW, SC, DeSmet, WRNR


  • Warner played White River over the weekend and maintained their number one ranking and undefeated record with a one point victory.
  • Added Chester Area after they continue to record impressive victory after impressive victory despite some odd losses
  • Wolsey-Wessington is up to five after beating JVC for the second time. Their one loss is to De Smet. De Smet has Sioux Valley this evening.