Posted On: 01/5/16 12:00 PM

District has begun for some teams and will continue this week as the last few tournaments take place this weekend. That means the chance for out of district big time match-ups is coming to and end and jockeying must be done in district against rivals where winning on the road is a feat in it’s own right. With hot teams continuing the streak, it isn’t always easy to make the jump needed to get into the top 10 or jockey enough for higher positioning.

Very few teams played in Class C so movement wasn’t as prevalent as other small classes. Same goes for Class B but a couple teams used games while others didn’t to make a move including a new entrant into the Top 10. Like C and B, number 1 for Class 1A didn’t change but there was plenty of movement outside the Top 10 to watch for in future weeks. Class 2A is the only class that has a new number 1 this week and very few teams in the Top 10 held firm as well.

Class C Updated Rankings

Class B Updated Rankings

Class 1A Updated Rankings

Class 2A Updated Rankings