Conference Preview

Posted On: 01/8/16 3:00 PM

The calendar year has turned to 2016 and district play is underway. With that means that sophomores have had a year and a half of high school basketball to showcase themselves and ample time this summer as well. Means it is time to update the 2018 rankings with a much improved Top 50 from both talent standpoints for the student athletes and confidence level from us.

The movement has been insane as players have stepped from shadows of graduated players and really begun to shine for their high schools. Whether it is starting roles on varsity or key minutes being played in late game situations, young players have begun to shape the landscape of this 2015-2016 season. With that comes a shake-up of the previous rankings that was long overdue.

Without much more, here are our new and updated Top 50 overall prospects for the Class of 2018

Updated Class of 2018 Top 50 Prospect Rankings